the what's what

oh my gosh, you guys, i am so out of practice on the blogging lately that i don't even know where (or how) to start this post. so much going on in my life (that i want to talk about and that will hopefully explain my silence a little) and so much going on in my head as far as what this blog is and where i want to take it... which is "i don't know" and "gee i really don't know". i'm just all un-grounded and un-focused right now...

We Moved Far Far Away...
so in July we picked up our lives and moved from Tucson to Eugene, OR. i was so excited about this move but almost immediately upon landing here i just fell into this gloomy slump of feeling cruddy and napping and feeling cruddy while napping. it was cruddy!

My Gall Bladder Broke...
not too very long after settling into our new life in (gorgeous, amazing, temperate) Eugene i had a gall bladder attack that was pain like nothing i've ever experienced outside of giving birth to an almost 10 pound baby. it sucked and forced me to go on a crazy not-allowed-to-eat-much-of-anything diet for almost a month while we waited to see if i needed surgery. which, it turned out, i did. so a couple of weeks ago i had my gall bladder removed. ouch. but i'm doing so much better now. i think a lot of the cruddy-ness i was feeling that i thought had to do with the move was really just my mood being affected by my toxic gall bladder. goodbye foul organ!

I Got a New Job!..
right?! i really wasn't urgently looking for a new job when we moved because i've been working out of my house for almost 6 years. but i saw this position and really felt it was right for me. and i really haven't enjoyed being a work-at-home employee these past 6 years. like The Shining levels of cabin fever have been making me a dull boy for a long time now and really turning me sour. so in the midst of everything i find myself starting a new job on Monday! i'm so excited and, to be honest, just overwhelmed by this additional change in my life. things are starting to look super rosey around here and i'm just really excited to see what this new challenge has in store for me.

Otto Dealt With the Move...
in the midst of all this craziness, little Otto has been having an okay time transitioning into our new life. but i can't say it's been all cake. tantrums are up. naps are down. and i've felt really sh*tty about how un-energetic i was those first eight weeks or so after we moved here. i know it had to do with my body and was out of my control... at the same time, little man could have used a mommy who was functioning at 100% and i really feel like i dropped the ball and let him down. trying to make up for it now.

And Speaking of Otto...
so guys, Ot is 2 3/4. he's developing into this autonomous, testy, hilarious, genius, wonderful, grouchy person who i'm feeling less and less comfortable blogging about. my last post with Otto in it felt really awkward to me. i was thinking, "is he going to be ok with me posting this stuff?" because he's really not a baby anymore at ALL. he's a little person. and i don't know how comfortable i am putting pictures and telling stories about him on here anymore. i'm not talking about a complete shut down. but i don't know what i am talking about either. i'm still figuring it out.

And Then...
and then there's other stuff going on and on my mind too that i don't know if i'm ready to talk about yet. but needless to say, i'm a lil overwhelmed by it all! in my noggin and in my little corner of the world. and it's all just created a huge case of writer's block for this mama.

i dunno. that's all i got right now. i'm working through all of it and hope to be back on here more regularly soon. doing what i always did but maybe tweaked a little to match my updated life. i seriously miss the blogging and even more than that i miss the time i spent each week reading your blogs and interacting with you guys. i plan to dive back in soon. cuz y'all are awesome.



this made me cry happy tears...

my friend posted this on pinterest last night and at first i was just like "what an awesome dresser!" then i read the sign and just teared up. amazing. the original image came from --> http://ilovechartreuse.com/

so i owe you all 1,000 explanations about my absence from this little corner of the interwebs lately. it's been a hot mess of a month with so much going on i don't even know where to start. i'll be back soon (i swear!) to lay it all out. but for now i just wanted to say that i've missed you guys. like a lot.

like a lot a lot.