music soothes the savage baby

Loretta has been teething lately (with one little pearly white guy peeking up on the bottom right already!) and it has been a little rough around these parts. she's a great natured little gal but also a grumbler and a grouse. girl likes to air her grievances! which - who can blame her? i'm sure teething is incredibly uncomfortable and she has no idea what's going on.

we've found with Loretta that her first instinct when she is unsatisfied with life in any way is to eat eat eat. this is ok by me; i love nursing and soothing her is always a bonding moment that i treasure. however, with all the teething action happening in her mouth, it's just impossible to let her nurse 24/7. not that she doesn't try! but that kind of ultra-nursing also leads to more spit-up which is just. blech. just a mess and smelly and also probably not so great for baby's tummy to be binging all day long.

when we know she's full and exhausted and she just won't sleep because she is "awake baby" and fights sleep like nothing i've ever seen, well then it's time to break out the mellow songs playlist. swaying to some smooth tunes really calms her down and lets her unwind and fall asleep. i wanted to share our playlist from last night which was a pretty rough night. i thought this might be helpful for other moms who are at a loss for what songs to play for their little ones. here are our lullaby songs from last night that worked like a charm (links are to YouTube):

Lumineers Ho Hey
Fiona Apple Across the Universe
Aimee Mann Save Me
George Michael Careless Whisper
Carpenters Superstar
Elliot Smith Say Yes
Renee & Jeremy It's a Big World (get ready to cry, mama)

one of my best friends, Kate, burned a Renee & Jeremy cd for me when Otto was born and i just love her and them. but the tears! the tears! maybe i am just an emotional puddle. ok i AM just an emotional puddle. but something about their songs always does me in. tears tears tears. but i love them so so much.

i hope these links come in handy for some of you. they are all legitimately great songs, but as bonus they are mellow and sway-able (great when swaying a grousey little baby) and nice to sing along to.

little miss is sleeping right now and we are having a very low-key weekend as Otto had his first fever since HE was a teething baby. 101.8' at its peak. that started on Thursday and as-of yesterday it was finally gone all day right up til bedtime when it resurfaced. so we are letting him guzzle pedialyte (which is the tastiest thing he's ever been let to drink, i hear, from him) and lounging around the house watching Olympics and playing legos.
i really love the Olympics. and taking a weekend to do very little is kind of enjoyable despite the teething-for-one and fever-for-the-other circumstances. yep, i'm kind of enjoying my kids illnesses :/ hope your kids aren't sick but that you are enjoying your weekends as well. and if you have any songs that you go-to for lullabys please let me know i have a feeling i'll be in the market!


i LOVE having a family bed

Otto goes to bed in his room around 7:30 and then around 1am crawls in with us. i usually lay down with Loretta anywhere between 7:30 and 11:00 and pass out - probably in full makeup without brushing my teeth - while nursing her. throughout the night i change her diaper with supplies kept in her bassinet (<-- handy) so i don't have to get out of bed and we switch sides each time she wakes to nurse. absolutely sometimes i wake up sore because the situation can get cramped and Otto is a ruthless bed hog. and yet, and for reals, i really really really LOVE having a family bed.
see what i get to wake up to every morning? the three people i love more than anything in the world. yes, Rob's in there, see his hand? :)

i don't have deep seated beliefs about co-sleeping. i think everyone should do what's right for their family.our sleeping situation evolved over time. Loretta is *just* about ready to crawl and when she does we are going to have to rethink the co-sleeping for a while. i am a light sleeper but still, i wouldn't want to risk her quietly crawling to the foot of the bed and falling before i noticed.

as of today, we don't have room in our home for a crib, much less a nursery (we have a corner though and it's pretty cute), but we are moving into a much bigger (and prettier! and more light-filled! with a lovely fenced yard! and big kitchen!) space at the end of August and at that time we'll be setting Loretta up with her own room. i look towards this with excitement (decorating rooms IS FUN) and a little sadness because i know i'm going to miss our little family bed that we've settled into this past year.

when we moved Otto out of our bed and into a crib right around this same age (5 months) i slept on his floor for a month. major separation anxiety on my part. him? after a few days of gentle encouragement he rocked the crib like a boss. he didn't know it was weird for mommy to be laying on the floor with her fingers between the slats so she could be touching him. moms do all kinds of weird things. he didn't start crawling into our bed again until after we'd transitioned him to a big boy bed. now it's a 5-6 nights a week guarantee and i love it.

here are some drawings i made of our bed most nights...
it works for us :)

our new house has four bedrooms. we haven't toured but we've peeped in the windows and i believe the 3 main bedrooms are upstairs and then there is a tiny bedroom adjacent to the sitting room on the first floor. my plan is to turn the small downstairs bedroom into a toyroom and then to have the kids' rooms crisp, tidy, pretty, and functional with less fuss and mostly just a bed, bookcase, dresser. here are some rooms i like...

Julian's room from Miss James' Bleubird blog
Any of these Swedish kids rooms from Feather and Nest blog
The bed/chair/suitcase/bookcase area of Isobel's big girl room from Little Big blog

i like the clean, peaceful look of unused space and the delight of fun found objects but all with simplicity and thoughtfulness. each of these rooms has personality, you couldn't just buy them straight-up, they had to be put together over time. also, here is my dream crib from Pottery Barn for Loretta's room i am only hoping i can find it or one like it on Craigslist in the next month!

that was rambling but there is so much going on in my life right now. did or do you co-sleep? did you find it to be a great experience or frustrating? why? do you hate me for co-sleeping? haha! actually if you hate me don't bother telling me. what about these kids rooms? amazing right? i hope i can do something just as cool for my kiddos. i think the toy room will go a long ways towards that by minimizing the clutter in their sleeping rooms.

hope you all have great weekends!


Oregon's Enchanted Forest

we met up with our much-loved, much-missed Portland friends at The Enchanted Forest a weird/awesome theme park nestled nicely in between Eugene and PDX. Otto had the time of his life, and so did the rest of us.we went on rides. stepped inside our favorite fairy tales and nursery rhymes. were wowed by animatronics. ate ate ate! including some legit lemon meringue ice cream. and the laser light show was one of the sincerest things i have ever seen. more sincere than the Charles in Charge theme song. as if that were possible. in short: it was a stupendous day!

my gorgeous girls Loretta and Sarah getting photo-bombed :)
falling down the hill jack and jill style with my cutie
 there was a crooked Otto
love these people!

just when you think Oregon can't get any more Oregon-y you are wrong because it is the neverending story of Oregon-y-ness. and that ain't a bad thing! if only the summer weather lasted forever.


fritter brain, pixie cut, saturday stuff, we all wore clothes!

on Sunday i referred to doughnuts as "fritters" and described a song to Rob as "you know, real groovy" (to which he replied, "what is wrong with you?") so yeah, i'm 134 years old and if i can cut a rug to a song then by darn it's groovy in my book. lots of saturday stuff happened saturday. i got a haircut. Otto had his first slumber party (awwwwww lil guy stuff). first though, we went to Trader Joe's and for the occasion Ot dressed himself. this warrants a [pause for effect] ok you can look now.
 for. the. love! he was the best thing Trader Joe's had ever seen.
cap handmade by a family friend
necklace vintage thrifted
tank Old Navy thrifted
shorts Target
socks H&M
comfortable shoes vintage thrifted

then it was home and naps and around 5 our friend Hazel came over for Otto's first non-family sleepover. kind of a big deal! we started the night by taking the kids to the park to tire them out. for the record, Loretta is a big bald beauty.
tee Henri and Flora (an Otto hand-me-down)
pants broken tricycle via zulily
close-up on the new 'do. it's so weird to me that this time last year it was nearly all the way down my back. and i do miss big-ass buns, i really do! but something about having a baby just made me want, more like need - deep down in my soul - to cut it all off. and then once it was semi-short, i just felt compelled to go the rest of the way. who has time for hair? right?! right! down with hair!
tank Old Navy like 5 years ago
shrug TJ Maxx
jeans Massimo at Target
flip flops Target 
goofballs :) after the park we blew up the air mattress and put it down in the living room, ordered a pizza, and watched Milo and Otis. that movie! i hadn't seen it in like 20 years. amazing. for reals if you are like me and super weird about letting your kids watch ANYTHING because EVERYTHING has inappropriate levels of roughness, nastiness, and sauciness, well you go ahead and show your kids M&O it's just a pure delight, so funny, so sweet, and you get to see kitten birth and puppy birth.

bedtime was pretty freaking cute. there was some bickering over who got to snuggle what stuffed animal but otherwise just all good times and everyone small was asleep by 9pm.
i thought this was pretty adorable. "things that happen when a girl spends the night" and yes those are my ham feet photobombing the cute shot :/

so that was how we Stepped Out on Saturday i'm linking up at The Haps. Sunday was a whole 'nother adventure that i'm going to try to post tomorrow. a really great weekend but zoo bisou bisou am i tired. gerrrum.


"i know 141 cheetahs"

sometimes when you're kicked awake at 6am on a saturday you feel the need to wake up sour, scowl into your coffee (don't even drink it, just scowl really hard for like a full two minutes), and wallow in bitchiness for just a leeeeetle while. but then the kicker turns out to be the nicest little fellow who is just SO OVERJOYED that you're awake and starts chatting you up the second your eyes open. like for instance this guy.
and then that little lady, all poured into her plum pajamas (kicky pants if you were curious) like a squishy little squish angel, well she's just an added bonus. happy saturday morning.

i read this post yesterday over at The Good Life and was reminded how much i love Stasha. she wrote it before the horrible shooting in Denver and i read it after and it felt even more relevant in light of those awful, unthinkable events. cherish every moment people! cherish your children. love them to pieces. let them kick you awake at 6am and you be nice about it. laugh at their jokes. even if they tell the same fart-sound knock knock joke twelve thousand times a day. smile at their showing-off. pay attention when they're talking to you. put down your phone! seriously if i'm at the park and see another parent with their face buried in their phone while their four year old is yelling "look at me!" i will explode. or cry. what is wrong with people?! pick your kids up in a giant bear hug and tell them, "i love you more than anything in the whole wide world." even if they don't want to be picked up! even if they're squirming and trying to run away. just say, "i just love you so much i seriously have to hug you for like two minutes right now you wonderful wonderful thing so just give into the hug, stop struggling, i'll be done in a sec."

then set them about cleaning their room so you can quietly wake up with your coffee <-- me, now.

Otto just came in to tell me, "i know a cheetah. actually i know a lot about cheetahs." and i said, "you do? did you learn about cheetahs at school?" and he said, "NO I KNOW A CHEETAH. i know 141 cheetahs."

oh, ok. i seriously have to hug you for like two minutes right now you wonderful wonderful thing.

update: i have never done this before, but i'm entering the above photo in The Paper Mama photo challenge because the topic is "Story" and i think this picture tells the story better than my words ever could. I hope she doesn't skunk eye me for submitting an instagram pic :)


tgif true thrush

TGIF errrbody! my husband showed me this last night and i just loved it...

have great days! xo


just this minute

just this minute Otto is sleeping in a pile of books in his bed (he doesn't join us in the "family bed" til around 1am most nights) with visions of Ralph S. Mouse riding a motorcycle probably dancing in his head. at bedtime tonight i told him that my favorite part of the day was when i was laying on the floor nursing Loretta while he was doing flashcards with Daddy on the couch next to us. he said, "i don't have to tell you my favorite part because it's the same thing." well he was probably just lying to be lazy since he did go on a field trip to the nature museum today but i don't care, that bedtime declaration freaking made my day.

just this minute Loretta is sleeping in her bassinet about four feet away from me. i'm drinking night coffee, eating some oatmeal banana bread (i wasn't kidding when i said we've been making it nonstop. never stopping!), and just feeling kind of mellow and peaceful. i wanted to share a few things that are making me smile tonight...
i won an instagram giveaway from bebehblog <-- --> a little "i heart gingers" pin came in the mail today and totally undid a frown i was making because i hit a parked truck in a parking lot on the way home from work this afternoon. i don't usually drive home through parking lots but a really neat sofa caught my eye in front of the St. Vinnie's and i pulled in to check it out. up close i realized it was a tiny loveseat and we are in the market for a full sized couch so i decided against and was zipping out of there to get to the babysitter's on time and so the fastest way to leave a parking lot is obviously to smash through all the other cars and then stick around passing your insurance information around. obviously.

funnily enough i'm not even obsessing over the damage to my bumper, how stupid it was of me to hit a parked truck (no should drive van into truck duh), or the cost of fixing my van (his truck was unscathed luckily!)... i'm just kind of whatever about the whole thing.

but i WAS frowning and then i got my little pin and it just kind of turned my afternoon around. thanks Suzanne! i hope Loretta turns out to be a ginger! what little hair she has sure is looking strawberry blondish

then, with my frown turned upside down, we had a really great evening. bedtime was by the book. once Otto was asleep i cut myself a little piece of banana bread and put it on this nice plate i thrifted ($0.49) last weekend. brewed a little coffee. and now i'm about to snuggle up under this so-great-rainbow afghan that i also thrifted last weekend ($4.00) and delve into book three of the Fifty Shades series.

kind of a great evening. now to not vomit every time Ms. Steele talks about her inner goddess :) xo


oceans and plastic pools

last week when our family was visiting we had some really perfect days. smiling kids running in sunshine from morning to night. one was a daytrip to the coast. the following day we just made homemade ice cream sandwiches (//robot voice// "cannot stop making the good sandwiches") and played in the kiddie pool. god bless summertime and cousins! and now,  i will dump-a the good times summer love photos:

it is windy and cold as f&ck on the oregon coast but also --> magic. in other magic news, see 'pool day' -->
on a little sidenote i just want to point out my super cutoffs. you are witnessing my only shorts i own and they are fugly and i LOVE them! i only wear them on the summery-est of days and when i do i just feel like a big, relaxed summery summertimer. like i just wanna put them on and curl up in a hammock with a tuna salad sandwich and fifteen Star magazines and a beer-hat loaded with mimosas.

Loretta in a swim suit also wins some kind of prize for The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened Ever. Ever.


her little swimsuit with the rosettes is Circo from Target. i think it cost $12 or something ridiculously affordable like that. TGTTEHE.E.E!

ok, well i'm off to watch Louie and  Newsroom with Rob. Breaking Bad started up again Sunday! it's like a tv party at my house. i'm five minutes away from drinking night coffee and basking in the warm glow of the boob tube. yay for that and oceans and plastic pools. summa summa summatime :)

ps. yesterday i was guest posting at Musings of a Manic Mama since Rebecca's on double vacation. a little easy craft/learning project for the kiddos that we've been doing around my house lately. so you should check it out and Rebecca's blog. she's a rad chick!


we love chapter books and some other thrifting

side note, as Ot gets bigger and bigger i am having a harder and harder time thrifting clothes for him. i just wanted to proclaim this and then make a downer face at this fact. i suppose boys are just too rough on their everythings... anyways, it's not that i only buy clothes for the little miss but that's what ended up happening on our latest, greatest thrift trip...

direct your eyes to the right in that picture. something really super freaking awesome and amazing has been going down at Casa Muth lately and that is the nightly reading of chapter books! this is something i have been looking forward to since, who knows, like wayyyy wayyyy before we ever even started trying to have kids. reading is one of my all time favorite pastimes. spending hours and hours with my nose in a book, curled up on the sofa, being glum, totally got me through some super emo adolescent and teenage years and helped me learn how to be a good person and that i wasn't the only one who felt awkward and lame and odd and hated myself and just. wanted. to. be. liked. books expanded my vocabulary and my life horizons.

i really believe that the books i read back then gave me the courage to become "myself" even if that meant being different from the crowd. so anyways, i am clearly pro books and have been collecting kids' books for the future generations in the house since i was 19 (married yes, but it wasn't til i was 30 that Ot was born and now he's 3 1/2) so ya see? ya see! i am old AND pro books.

some of my favorites from those awkward emo years were Anne of Green Gables, Are You There God, It's Me Margaret, Babysitters' Club (yo, Claudia, i love you, yo), Bunnicula, Harriet the Spy, Little Women, Matilda, Nancy Drew, Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade, Pippi Longstocking, The Phantom Tollbooth, Wizard of Oz...

books books books books books books books! so how jiggy with it was i when Ot suddenly was all interested in some of the chapter books on his bookshelf? we started with The BFG and i realized pretty quickly it was a little too "rough" so we had to kind of edit-as-we-read but Otto just loved the word play. he collapsed laughing when BFG said "crocodilly". like cackling, face plant on the bed, body heaves of laughter. me = floating to the ceiling and grinning like a goon to see that! so while we were reading BFG a chapter a night, we went thrifting and hit the chapter book motherload. the following pictures are like porn for my book-lovin eyes...
a chapter a night is now a concrete part of our bedtime routine and my heart sings, "laaaaaaaa!".

i'm linking this post up to Mandy at The Haps for her High on Thrifting Thursday. me so high! so high!

so i would really love to hear some of your favorite chapter books so i can be on the lookout. i've heard great things about Gruffalo. what others do you and your kids love or do you remember loving? aren't books the best?! <-- not a real question because they just are.


Kate Quinn, Plum Bunny, Violet + Moss

just a little fyi that these scrumptuous organic kids clothes are on super clearance until 7/17. go. buy. now. you're welcome i recently ordered Loretta 3 little dresses from Violet + Moss and they are instant favorites. so soft and totally darling. see -->
these little frocks are so soft and charming. almost as soft and charming as my little missy.

here's a link to the $10 sale http://www.katequinnorganics.com/categories/10-sale/
and you can find Kate Quinn Organics on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/katequinnorganics

word on the street is that i might have a special discount code for you guys sometime soon so stay tuned! fingers crossed! happy sale shopping (the best kind!)!


Cousin Madness!

what a great past few days it has been. rob's parents, sister, and her two boys have been staying with us and it has been Cousin Madness! our sweet nephew Kace is only a couple months older than Loretta and they. are. in. love.

Otto and his cousin Kingston are 18 months apart which seems less and less as time goes by. these two are squabbling buds: fighting over tow maters, holding hands, and promising to be a lot of trouble for their poor old parents someday. a couple of loose cannons! and the good looks on these two! i tell you, we are doomed.

soooooo... with this many munchkins in the house we haven't been too ambitious in our outings. instead, it's been lots of going to the park, picnicking, annie's mac & cheese dinners (with secret peas), and everyone smelling like spit up. hurray for Cousin Madness!
i'm just going to once again announce my all-for-little-boys-in-tank-tops opinion. all for! if you disagree then your eyes are broken. get them fixed.

i only wish we lived closer to these guys. my dream is for Otto and Etta to grow up super close to their cousins and hopefully in a few years that will be a fact, jack (as Ot would say) and in the mean time, i'm just so happy to see them getting to know each other and becoming buddies. we'll be visiting AZ at christmastime and having four kiddos under four on christmas morning might just explode my brain from super sentimental amazingness. mmmmmyup. that's pretty much guaranteed.

tomorrow we head to the coast. so pretty! so cold! i can't wait. there is this little ice cream shop on the way to the beach we usually go to and it's real, homemade ice cream with like fifty flavors. so there will be that. and in the evenings i can always count on my sister-in-law to have a pyramid apricot ale with me. so there will be that. and Otto basking in the love of his nana, papa, aunt, and cousins is like the best thing on the planet. so there will be that. all great stuff!

one thing though, i am pooped. tired! and smelly. haha. so off to bed i go. goodnight :) hope your summer vacations are treating you just as nicely as ours is. xo