shaggy boombastic

we're growing Ot's hair out. i have this dream of having a blonde-haired blue-eyed little hippie urchin cutie pie running around Oregon with belled out corduroys and flowy tendrils peaking out from under a woolen cap. the thing is, bangs-and-mullet-wise, we've been going through somethin' of an awkward stage lately. like he's been looking shaggy and neglected (or so says Nana with her eyes, tsk tsk). so we trimmed it up yesterday, just removed some of the mangey mullet in back and shaped the rest a bit... and now?.. duh! he looks super cute. but if i'm being totally honest? i think he might also have Jennie Garth's haircut from the last season of the old 90210. whatever... the "Kelly" was a cute haircut.
this here pic is from Ot and mama's breakfast date Tuesday morning. i just love this pic, haha! because Ot looks like a 45 year old cheeto-eatin beer drinker who just saw his curling team win some curling something something on ESPN. right? oh boy. but we really did have a fun breakfast...
i let him drink straight applejuice. which is basically baby crack. then i let him try my pellegrino --> he loved it! he kept saying, "yucky ewwwww," then taking another sip and laughing like crazy. it was pretty much a magic pellegrino moment.
then he drove his tractor along the "roads" on the wall for a while and i snapped a shot of his soon-to-be-less-mangey locks. while chowing down on a sourdough egg&cheese sammy.

now just waiting for his stinkin bangs to grow out!


two point five

Ot is just two days shy of 2 1/2 ♥ and everything about him that's always been there is suddenly magnified (humor, tenacity, sweetness, sourness, daring, just all of it). he's coming into his own so much, growing confident in his body and words. using words like "maybe" and "sometime" and "probably" in the right context and accusing us, "you're teasing me!" when we joke or say something that doesn't make sense to him.
"leave the door open just a little bit, mom"

for someone who changes his mind every three seconds he's also insanely demanding about what he wants. he loves his routines and i feel cruddy about how this move is already uprooting some of that. the boxes that are accumulating in the living room...and the general dissarray... he has Oregon on his mind constantly. and he's excited, like really excited, and wants to talk about the rain, grass, our new garden, the mountains, the beach, the university football team, and his big boy room.

Me: It NEVER rains in Oregon
Otto: You're teasing me. It rains a LOT!

but he's obviously also concerned. at bedtime now (a seventy-five step process these days) he's now added "let's talk about Oregon" to his delay tactics. and every night we talk for ten minutes or so about our new home and how while mommy and daddy drive our things up to Oregon,Otto will get to stay with his Nanas and Papas and then fly in an airplane to Oregon just a few days later.

in all the hub-bub of the move, i'm trying not to miss all the leaps and bounds of advances Otto is making as he continues on his journey through toddlerhood. a few things he's up to...

- on Monday he had a whole day at preschool in underpants with no accidents!
- he knows his ABCs (he loves the India Arie version so sings em kinda groovy) and can count to twenty
- he loves to do "pushups" and (to my horror) jumping off of pretty much everything
- he's memorized several of his favorite books and reads along with me
- he plays independently with his toys for long periods, playing store and circus and having the characters interact and talk
- he has a girlfriend at school who he "hugs her back" and he thinks she looks like a cowgirl (really? it starts this early?)
- and since he's two he's also a little batshit crazy most days, at least at some point.

rob and i try to lead by example and be strong, fun, sympathetic parents. sometimes though, we just have to run from the room so we can bust out laughing without Otto seeing. he's a trip. each and every day a trip. and honestly, just the most amazing, happy, wonderful little trip i could ever imagine.

ps. i've really had it with my phone camera. i'm definitely getting a little point-and-click in the $200 range. a few of you suggested the Canon Powershot. anyone else out there have a suggestion? i'm going to start comparing what's out there later this week because i've had it with sub-par pictures! boo!


packing couture, let's move our bodies! and giveaway winners.

packing couture
instead of "steppin out" this saturday i pretty much "stepped in" as we are midway through pack, pack, packing our house. definitely not the cutest outfit that ever happened, but i'll call it packing couture. this is what i wore...
 i wore: tee (thrifted from Buffalo), tank (Target), maxi skirt (Target) and awesome Jesus sandals (thrifted).

another view of the runway...
we still have mucho mucho to do though. like a certain "shoe situation"...
oh boy.

"let's move our bodies!"
moving on. so friday afternoon we took Otto to Whole Foods to pick up some dinner (we'd rented Follow That Bird and were planning a fun picnic dinner on the living room floor while we watched our movie). can i get a "holla" for golden sesame tofu?!

we had the freezer aisle to ourselves when the Beegees "night fever night fevahh-ah!" comes pumping on the loudspeaker. we're all kind of grooving through the aisle, when Ot busts out with, "let's move our bodies!" and starts doing the most awesome sittin-in-the-cart-disco dance i've ever seen. kid has moves! he was laughing and smiling and seriously grooving. it was awesome. so you know the whole Muth family rocked the frozen foods aisle for 4 minutes of Night Fevah-ah. yay disco.
Musings of a Manic Mama
my friend Rebecca hosts "Little Chatterbox" every Friday on her blog Musings of a Manic Mama. this week i'm linking up because Ot said something funny, yay!

giveaway winners!
i am always tardy when it comes to choosing giveaway winners. it's part of why i stopped doing so many giveaways. something in my brain is always super excited to host a giveaway and do the post. but when it comes time to random.org the winners, etc. etc. i just procrastinate forever. ugh. sorry! anyways, without any further ado, here are the winners of either Martha Stewart Living or Parents magazine subscriptions!

congrats Heather, MrsDivineBodies, and kathy! i'll be in touch this week to get your deets & will order your subscriptions right away!

ok. so! who's ready for the week? ::looks around, doesn't raise hand:: yeah, me too. ugh!


lowwww keyyyyy

there is a lot of chaos going on around these parts lately. my house is a Mess (with a capital M) of semi-packing. i am a MESS (all caps, yo, mama's going nucking futs) of trying to get our act together in the next two weeks. and Bonus! i also already need my bangs trimmed (yay!). and if someone could l'oreal mousse my roots while i sleep, that'd be awesome. my eyebrows probably need plucked too. and if you could just shave my legs, pack up my house, and bake me a quiche while you're at it. thanks.

but tonight? tonight the hubs is off playing poker and i am doing a little tea therapy...
i recently discovered Yogi Vanilla Hazelnut flavor and oh. mah. gah! i'm also about to curl up with this...
and before long, do this: zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

i wish equally low key evenings to y'all. unless you're out partying and having fun. then more power to you, you crazy young unfogeys who i don't relate to at all. this shaggy, two-tone haired fogey salutes you with a head nod and a yawn.

ps. i totally need to draw the winners to the "my shame is i do coke rewards, let me get you a magazine subscription" giveaway. i'll do that this weekend and announce!

ok, off to do all of the above. night guys ♥


sugar-crusted dried-fruit whole wheat muffin amazingness {a recipe}

the following is an experiment gone yummy. Ot helped me make these semi-sweet (think cornbread or scone-level sweetness) healthy fruit muffins the other day and i wanted to share...
this recipe is a modified version of Joy of Cooking's "basic reduced-fat muffins"...

What you need... vegan options in parentheses
2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup sugar
4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1 egg (or 2Tbsp cornstarch dissolved in 1Tbsp cold water)
3 Tbsp vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup milk (or 1 cup vanilla almond or hemp milk)
1 cup freeze dried fruit, crumbled (we used peaches)

What you do...
1. Oven at 400'F
2. Spray or line a muffin pan
3. Get everything measured and ready cuz you're gonna stir it all together at once
4. Stir everything together at once
5. Pour batter into muffin pan (original recipe says it makes a dozen. we made 9 larger muffins)
6. In a coffee cup (or whatever) mix another 1/8 cup sugar + 1 Tbsp cinnamon. Sprinkle on muffin tops.
7. Bake about 14 minutes (until a fork/toothpick comes out clean)
and voila! feed these to your friends and family. or hide in the closet and eat them all! bwahaha! for reals though, these muffins are so good, healthy-ish, and way easy to make. win to the win.
TGIF guys! this weekend we start hardcore packing (omg i'm so getting spammed by pornbots for saying that). anyways!

we move 2 weeks from sunday so we need to put our packing into high gear! my parents are coming down Saturday to entertain Ot for a few hours while Rob and i disassemble our house, get rid of stuff, pack, or do what i ended up doing tonight --> start packing up photo albums and end up spending hours just looking at photo albums. love photo albums.

oh, and we're going to a build-your-own-pizza party on sunday at a friend's house. i'm really excited about this. lots of kiddos and a fun activity, plus i get to see a few friends again before we skip town. plus pizza is no slouch.

what's everyone else up to this weekend? muffin baking? if you make these let me know what you think!



and i shants, shants, shants, and i shants, shants, shants!

re: the title --> tuesday i made Otto 3 pairs of shants during his naptime and got The Kitty Cat Dance (of course i did) stuck in my head... except "shants" instead of "dance"... who knows why my brain is an idiot :) but i have fun.

shants are neither shorts nor pants!
make way for Otto's summer wardrobe! he's got a drawer-full of size 2T pants that still fit but might not by autumn. and the kid needs short pants. stat. it's freakin summer in Tucson, dudes. so instead of shopping, today i converted 3 pairs of pants into 3 different kinds of shants. save money! look cool!

the simple shant...
the preppy shant...
ok, so i took enough pics of these cuffed shants to do a tutorial. but wasn't sure if anyone would want/need it? ps. these ones are my fave! the little doggy fabric is like the cutest thing that ever happened.

and finally, punk rock shants!
give child a power drill. get concerned when he likes the power drill way too much.

for reals though. these little punk rock pants were the best find to begin with. they're "le top" and i'm sure they would have been $50 new but we found them at the thrift store for $3! Ot wore them all fall, winter, spring and now he can wear them as shants all summer. none too shabby for three bucks!

productive tuesday! what do you think of the shants? i love it when guys (like grownup guys) wear their pants like this with flip-flops or slip-ons. Ot'll rock the shants all summer and then if they still fit in fall we'll just throw some baby legs under there. whoa. these could be the pants that never end. but i kinda doubt it. he's growing like a weed lately. but i don't wanna talk about that. cuz it makes me all bittersweet for that little dude whose legs were too short for all these pants not too long ago.



♥ tomorrow is wednesday, and thursday comes afterwards ♥

today is tuesday! we so excited!
just a quick little drop-in to share a tuesday high-five with y'all. my favorite dayyyyy!

on the agenda today:
- Little Gym with the little dude
- smoothies? i think we'll definitely need smoothies
- drop off mega donations pile (feels so nice to clean house)
- Target for packing tape and other moving supplies (egad! we leave in less than 3 weeks!)
- muffin making
- naps all around

heck to the yeah :) i'm also going to try taking a few pictures with our oldish Kodak 6.1 mega pixels. crossing my fingers the pictures are great. otherwise i may be on here soon asking you guys recommendations on a great digital point-and-shoot in the $250 dollar range. but for now, crossing fingers this old cam does a good job!



Mama Steez {stepped out, yo}

rob and i actually went on a (double) date saturday night! this is unheard of! *loud train sound*! we went with my gorg sister-in-law, Kari, and brother-inin-lawlaw (what is the term for this person? it's Kari's hubs). whatever. he's cool too. look, i taught her the blogger pose!
she is a natural little pigeon toed, hands on hips, up-to-the-side looker!
i promise we weren't drunk... but we are huge dorks. i love this girl!
we saw Super8 and it was SuperGreat. from me to you --> see this movie, it's all-around good stuff.
i'm wearing: top (thrifted from Buffalo Exchange), cords (Banana Republic), and heels (Jessica Simpson).
ps. after seeing these pics, although i seriously love them, i think i'm determined to get a "real" "non-phone" camera. i read enough blogs to know my pic quality stinks. sorry. i used a neat filter so they'd still look stylish even though it's like Blurry City, USA.

in other Father's Day Weekend news. we spent the weekend up in Phoenix enjoying our family as we start our 3 weeks countdown to moving to Oregon. here are just a few little snippets of the fun. i was too busy enjoying the fun to remember to take many pics #momfail... but not really. i mean, i was busy momming!
we stopped by Del Taco for din on the way to Phoenix. i won't defend the healthiness of this dinner, but i will say that they have, hands down, the WORST kids toys of ALL TIME. not that Ot was disappointed, but i mean come ON. come ON!
my nephew turned One Years Old! omg omg omg omg omg.
ps. he does not have a little gold earring. haha! but he does have a super awesome fun-fetti extreme, half chocolate half vanilla frosting pirate cake. yum. i was the saint-like martyr who selflessly tested both sides of the cake to make sure it wasn't poisoned or less delicious on one side vs. the other. that's right, it's always give, give, give from Aunt Lindsey. i don't know what they'll do without me.
Ot's Nana painted his toes ♥
 he loved it ♥

we feted the Papas on saturday and sunday. ate way too much. laughed, played, swam, and took far too few naps (especially those of us with chubby thighs and painted toenails... wait. and i don't mean me!). seriously though, all-in-all, it was wonderful.

i hope you all had great weekends too!



this old house...

so i have some really really really really big big news (and that's why they call it jum-bone!). we have a home lined up in Eugene! with our own yard! a washer/dryer room! on a quiet little street! and we're moving in july! july --> eek! ok, that's maybe a little sooner than we are maybe ready for, but we're excited! here, a little sneak peak of Otto's soon-to-be room.
i can't wait to get it all set up like a "big boy room" and share pictures with you! in fact, i'm really excited to decorate this new place with a more consistent and charming style than we ever did our current home. i think i finally have a better feeling for what i like. i credit you guys (your blogs, your pinterest pins, your etsy recommendations) for helping open my eyes to how charming and unique a home can be. even in this day and age of ikea and target-trying-to-be-ikea. don't get me wrong. i LOVE ikea and target-trying-to-be-ikea. but i'm also feeling really empowered to find or create some more personal, unique touches in our new pad.

wildflower-lined steps down to our private entrance...
it's a little duplex. i'm so thrilled. i can't wait. i love it already!

this old house
so i'm obviously mildly excited about this move from tucson to oregon. but i also wanted to take a second to nod in the direction of this old house we're leaving behind. Melissa got me thinking today about the fact that this old house holds my dearest memories. it's the house we brought Otto home to. the house where he's grown from baby to toddler to toddler-squared. it's this house...
ps. i want that moment back...

at the same time, this house has been the home of some of my darkest moments. years of unending sadness and cold fear that changed who i was and who i will be, forever (would i ever get pregnant? could i?). those years tested my relationships with everyone i'd ever known. aged my soul. brought me to my knees many many times. and yet.

this is the house that brought me my greatest joy. my Otto. my heart. my love.

this house has been the stage of so many milestones. so much change. so much love. and it's going to be hard to leave it, and the people i've grown to know and hold dear while we've camped out in tucson for the past five years. but i am also soooo ready to move forward. moving forward has been the goal all along. Rob finishes his phd, Otto starts on his path towards the US presidency, and i maybe learn to relax a little bit more, enjoy the rain and trees and flowers and sky, and start making new memories with my beautiful little family in a new home (that has organic garden beds, did i mention? hells yes!).



Operation Muffin Top Destruct! You're Invited...

Alright bozos (just kidding, I was just trying to sound super "boot campy", did i?) anyways... Ten-hut bozos! Stand up straight; spit out that gum; summer is upon us. It's time to eat watermelon instead of oreos wrapped in brownies! It's time to drink light beer instead of whiskey spiked cocoa wrapped in brownies! What is WRONG with us? Why do we keep wrapping things in brownies?! Soldiers, it's time for...

won't you join me? we did this last summer and called it #mummytummy and i met so many of you that way. here's how it works...

- you, soldier! yeah, you! comment below with your twitter handle
- i'll tweet you, along with others who've joined, 3x per day with the hashtag #MuffinTopNo!
- every time you see that tweet it's your responsibility to do a set of 20 crunches (or whatever ab exercise you like) as soon as you can
- "reply all" every now and then to let me know you did, make friends, and/or curse the ground i walk on (or bless the ground i walk on, whatev)

i'll start scheduling the tweets for every day, starting this Friday, and let's see how it goes... maybe we can last through the end of summer and start saving money by doing our laundry on our washboard abs! economical and healthy, that's what i'm all about!

getting fit
i do hope you join in, for reals. we had so much fun doing this last year and i met a bunch of super cool tweeps who i'm still friends with today. i'm going to take a serious minute here so feel free to just skip down to the comment form & sign up if you want (please sign up, it's so fun i promise!)... ok, now for a little personal moment. it's been a pretty stressful year for us so far. and i haven't been taking very good care of my body. i admit it. especially starting in january of this year, we went through some hard family stuff and i felt sad, out of control, and just kind of lost. i absolutely turned to food to help me cope. i needed something i could bury myself in and i've always been a comfort eater. i'm at a point right now where my clothes don't fit right and i don't feel happy about my body. things are still stressful for us (trying to find a place in oregon, getting ready for a huge move) but i'm ready to kick my secretary's butt out of this slump and get back a little control over my own body. i know i have it in me!

my food plan: i've seen a lot of bloggers lately who've subscribed to some pretty serious diet plans. i'm so impressed and sometimes a little overwhelmed by what everyone's doing and i just wanted to share my own plan because it's pretty simple and i thought it might appeal to some of you. all i did was find a calorie calculator online, input my height, weight, age, sex, activity level, goal weight and goal date. it told me how many calories i need to be eating per day to hit that weight by my goal date. that's it. we eat super well-rounded around here, almost totally organic and lots of vegetables and lean proteins, so i'm just going to watch my calorie intake each day. ta-done!

my exercise plan: 90mins yoga, 60mins power yoga, or a 60mins boot camp video at least every other day. i'm just determined not to let more than one day go by at a time without doing one of these workouts. sometimes it's gonna suck, but at least for now i feel determined enough to stick to this plan. and on exercise days i'm upping my calories by whatever i burn so that i'm still getting enough calories to use my brain and focus and stuff during the day, but my net calories will be where they need to be for the weight loss goal.

twitter: Operation Muffin Top DESTRUCT! is just a casual, fun twitter club where i tweet you like a mean harpy to "do your situps" 3x a day and we all kind of laugh and groan about it, admit we're cheating some days, brag that we're ahead of the curve other days... and i really hope you'll join in! 


an "omg hahahaha!" blog moment, my joy, and a lil giveaway!

this post is SO going to be all-over-the-place but here goes...

omg hahahahaha!

me = mortified! so if you look closely at my huaraches <-- in that post, you might notice something that I totally didn't but that Overthinking Mama pointed out to me. they're 2 completely different shoes! not even the same brand! i've been wearing them every single day for 2 weeks! didn't notice a thing. because. i. am. a moron awesome.

omg hahahahaha!
oh, and i'm so going to keep wearing them. is that lame? honestly? should i stop? i should stop right?

my joy
this past weekend some of our oldest, dearest friends came to visit with their son. Otto and Leif are the best of buds! Leif totally looks out for Ot and shows him what's what. Otto sings impromptu versions of the ABCs to Leif, while accompanying himself on guitar, out of sheer excitement at having his "brotha" in the house. not only was it a joy to spend time with these rad people (i'm trying to convince them to move to oregon right behind us) but to watch these two kiddoodles goof around and delight in each other for 2 days just about blew my mind with happiness. here, the goof troop...

love these kids so much.

a lil giveaway

one of my secret shames is that i do Coke Rewards. rob drinks Coke Zero like it's going out of style and i'm officially addicted too. we go through a 12-pack every couple of days (egad!) and so, in honor of me accumulating like 5-bazillion coke rewards i am sharing the love. 3 winners will win a year subscription to Parents Magazine or Martha Stewart Living! unfortunately it's open to US-only (sorry my lovely canuck friends, blame the coca-cola company and its stupid rewards rules).

all you gotta do to enter the giveaway is comment below. anything at all! mock me for my huaraches, if you wanna (how rude of you) and make sure i can reach you if you win. giveaway will end this friday at midnight PT.

Not an entry... If you like this blog, I'd really appreciate it if you'd vote for me on Picket, TMB and/or TBB. But I want to be clear that this is NOT an entry. But please vote anyway, thanks!

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huaraches! godzundheit.

i'm kinda guessing no one cares about the fashion obsessions of a lady who's currently holding her highwater cords up with a hairband... and yet? i have to share. on memorial day i found these, brand new at the thrift store, for $2. Two dollars!

ladies and gentlemen (what? i know at least one neurologist gentleman who trolls this blog) i'm bringing huaraches back. them otha suckas dunno how ta.. somethin. whatever. look!

hip hop huaraches, yo! love them. i've been wearing them with high-rise cords, skirts, sun dresses, and skinny jeans. they are so bright and summery and remind me of being in 5th grade! that's the last time i owned some.

it's the weekend!
weekends are so much better than weekdays. hope everyone's having an awesome weekend so far. our friends get into town in about an hour so we're planning some drop-to-your-knees-good vegetarian chinese food from Guilin for dinner. our friends are the coolest couple, rob's best childhoodl friend and his wife, and Otto idolizes their son (who is six, totally a "big boy whoa") and i predict lots of giggles and running around will be found at our house tonight!

oh, ps guys, Top Baby Blogs reset. i feel cheesy asking but if you don't mind could you click here and then on the owl on the left to help me get my spot back? thank you!

also, i need help! rob's vegetarian and we're trying to eat low-cal & healthy this summer. so if you have any recipe suggestions or links to recipes you've done that fit the bill, please let me know. i'm trying to plan some meals that aren't salad. thanks!



you make me happy when skies are grey

i've been a serious soul lately what with worries about our move and just me being worry-wart-me about life. sometimes i feel like a cartoon character with a little grey cloud hovering over my head all the time, pooping on me (or raining or pooping rain or whatever). i am a poop cloud magnet! glum. well, yesterday on twitter i mentioned that i was singing "you are my sunshine" to Ot and that it always makes me weepy. i was suprised how many people replied that the song "destroys them" too. it just speaks so purely to love and to telling the person who matters so much to you just how much you love them. this is not a glum thing, it's a joy thing. my grandma used to sing that song to me when i was a little girl and it made me feel so happy and loved... and singing it always brings me right back to those moments from my childhood. i miss my grandma and i love Otto so much and so i just lose it, the tears are unstoppable. but at the same time it means a lot to me that i sing that song to Otto and that he has those memories, like the ones i have, of having that song sung to you in sweetness, love, and sincerity.

so this is my sunshine post! i've been browsing etsy lately looking for ideas for decorating our new place (whenever we finally get one). i am gravitating towards bright, sunshiney decor that would inspire me to be happy even when skies are grey in oregon (which i hear happens sometimes *wink*).

for the kitchen
wall hanging (the merriweather council), potholders (MamasBabyLove), organic helichrysum flowers for tea (twig & leaf botanicals), happiest mug ever (rising sky pottery), upcycled bundt cake pan flower basket (boots n gus)

for the bath
stepstool (circle creek home), cactus pot (virginia wyoming), washcloth holder (cricket capers), mermaid towel hook (TheDoorStop), wall hanging (KathyPanton)

for the family room
side table (poppyseed living), candle sconces (RetroPops), doily (roni's boutique), throw pillow (moose & bird), tube radio (leaning cedars vintage)

ok, that should do it! what do you think? hello sunshine? for reals though --> somebody buy me that sidetable!

ps. TGIF errbody! hope you're all having sunshiney days. no poop clouds! and that you have fun-filled weekends ahead of you too. We. Do! some of our oldest, dearest friends are coming to town to visit. Ot has been counting down the days all week, as have i. yay friends!



lunch plus gelato with my small (waffle) fry

tuesdays i get otto alllll day long! look at that munchkin face! he is fun to have all day long!

it is truly the day i most look forward to all week.

this tuesday we started the day mellow. Ot sat by his bookcase pulling an avalanche of books all around him and quietly "reading" to himself for about an hour while i put laundry away and cleaned. then we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and fun in their little kid zone and afterwards onto Allegro il Gelato Naturale for organic gelato! i repeat, organic gelato! ahem, organic gelatoooo!

i realize my posts have been light on the editing-down-of-pics lately. i take so many cute photos of Ot and i can't nix any of them. so i thought i'd do little mosaics of our lunchtime outings just to save space or mix it up or something.


my favorite moment at Chick-Fil-A was in the kids room and this little 4ish year old girl was playing with Ot and trying to get him to go down the slide. she got kind of bossy and bossed, "go down the slide!" and Otto replies, "no thanks, I'm too nervous." haha!

Onto Gelatooooo! Oh wait, Gel-Otto! hang on a second while i Bwahahaha! I just blew my own mind #entertainsself anyways...

did i mention the gelato was cream flavored? not vanilla. cream. and lordy magordy, magordy lordy lordy! it was goooood. i also tried a sample of saffron flavor that was yum! and i hear their salted caramel is so good your toes fall off. next time! ok, back to the pic --> pity the fool don't know how to eat ice cream cones :)  he just threw his head sideways and "chomp!" i love that Ot eats with such gusto. i could watch this kid eat for hours (and i do). ok, gelato mosaic time...

and he was even nice enough to share with mama! what a champ! 

and that, folks, was our tuesday. followed by a good ole nap and an afternoon in the kiddie pool in our backyard. what a day what a day what a day ♥