pull up a chair, well really a stool will do, or just stand, whatever

In my heart this feels like it will be a long-winded blog post, almost like a eulogy is in order, but I know it will probably end up on the short side. I'll keep it short on purpose (I have to get ready for work soon). For those of you who swing by here regularly on Thursdays, you may have felt this coming for a while, and here it is. The end of Currently. But not really an end. There are lots of Currently-like link-ups out there. Still, for this little link-up that Randalin and I have been doing for a while (and that Randalin started quite a while before I ever got involved) this is it.

There is a very good chance that I will start participating in Sunday Lately with Katy from Wild and Wanderful. I still love the "currently" concept of following themes as a writing prompt. And having a weekly commitment to doing at least that one blog post has kept me blogging regularly which I appreciate. But in a weird way it's also given me an excuse to only blog once a week which... who knows. There was a time when I did actual, real blog posts about our little life and the joys and adventures in it. Look at this stuff from February 2011, I mean beyond how round and small and sweet (with chubby little hands oh my gosh) Otto was. I was an actual blogger of posts back then --> paper | tape | love

::blog nostalgia moment::

During that moment Loretta, upstairs, started saying, then yelling, then screaming, "Uppy. Uppy! Uppy!!!!!!!!" and earlier when I crept down here to write this I had asked if Rob would just grab her if she woke up and started screaming and he said, "Yeah, sure." But husbands have dead ears while sleeping. It's actually a biological fact that somehow protected them from saber monkey attacks thousands of years ago when they were hunter/gatherers. Saber monkeys did the classic scream-like-a-baby lure and attacked anyone who reacted with loving concern. All the moms died in monkey attacks. It was the saddest. Anyways, now she's escalated to rage and it's harshing by blogging mellow. I'm almost done.

There was a whole phase of this blog where I didn't use capital letters, except sometimes. Who has been around long enough to remember when no caps was a thing? ::two pink hearts emoji::

So tomorrow Loretta has a circus performance at her summer camp and we have been tasked with sending her in a "mime-like outfit" which, I mean... First off, please don't task us out, summer camp. Secondly, I researched mime outfits yesterday just to be sure and it's all about mod french 1960s long sleeves and cat pants so that isn't going to happen. If we know anything about Loretta we know she does NOT wear  pants below the knee. I got her a little white tank at Target yesterday and tonight I'm going to play around with block-printing strips onto that bad boy, toss in a black and white bow and black shorts and that's about as mime-like as things are going to get. Kind of excited about the block-print experiment. Wish me luck if it works out I will take pics.

Stream of consciousness blog post badge: Unlocked.

Honestly love you guys. -Lindsey


currently... all the holidays and reasons

Dear friends,

Randalin and I decided last night to skip this week of Currently. Bam! This is our one power on earth and we are using it. We'll be back next week with the themes that were intended for today. Also... Please go visit Randalin on her blog or Instagram and send happy, loving, healing thoughts her way as Mr. Kale had his tonsils out earlier this week and is still feeling very worse for the wear.

Happy Canada Day (yesterday) and July 4th (this weekend) to all of you who live in North America or who celebrate other countries' national holidays. I hope you have great, safe weekends. We are probably going to skip fireworks, but there is a weak plan a-brewing to take the kids to Inside Out.

And then finally, just this. Yay!

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currently... i'm gonna move to southern california

The deal: Use our themes or use your own - just let us know what is 'currently' going on with you. Be sure to stop by and say hello to the other bloggers linking up - especially to my amazing co-host Randalin of Kale & Beans.

This week's themes: 
visiting, planning, cooking, longing, growing

Right now we are Visiting Newport Beach, LA, and Disney. I wanted to put a pic of the kiddos with Mickey Mouse at the top of this post but I'm borrowing Rob's mac and I don't speak the mac handjive and couldn't actually figure out how to do this super simple thing so... all pics may be found on Instagram. Best to be enjoyed in the shade, curled up with a frozen margarita.

With 6 adults and 5 kids in the beach house (as we speak) it's hard to be Planning much - it's actually amazing because the small fry just run around entertaining each other and all we have to do is feed them, sunscreen them, and break up fist fights - but anyways there is a little place about a five minute walk from here called Chronic Tacos and I am planning at least a few more trips to that place between now and Saturday.

Cooking? Well I cooked jello shots on Sunday and a little patch on my forehead got cooked yesterday.

More than ever, after this trip, I will be Longing for Rob to land a gig (next year) in southern California. This place just makes sense for us. So... all the vibes are pointed southwest. Also, just any gig will do. So all the vibes are pointed in the Job direction with a strong southwest amount of vibe hinting going on.

There is nothing like seeing your kids and your nieces and nephews Growing up together. Right now we have a 6, a 5, two 3's, and a 1 under the same roof and it's magic. Last night Loretta had a light saber battle with her cousin. Otto is so amped on this whole thing that his voice volume is set to permanent bark. It's nuts and great.

That was this week & here are next week's theme's:
craving, feeling, thinking, loving, reading  


currently... caricatcha

The deal: Use our themes or use your own - just let us know what is 'currently' going on with you. Be sure to stop by and say hello to the other bloggers linking up - especially to my amazing co-host Randalin of Kale & Beans.

This week's themes: 
calling, borrowing, taking, feeling, telling

Right now I am still Calling everything a "caricatcha" after watching my new favorite show, Botched, last night. Did anyone else see the caricatcha lady? I am obsessed with her obsession with the word caricatcha... Exciting right? No it is not. Dudes, all I can think about is that we're going to Disneyland next week. We have been up to not much except final planning this past week and my brain is completely pre-occupied with trip budgets and packing anxiety. Oh, and caricatcha. 

Tonight Otto will be Borrowing a little hair fashion from the Beckhams, or Keanu Reeves circa Parenthood... He's agreed to a summer cut and I'm DIY'ing so wish us both luck.

There are no words for how happy I am to be Taking a break with my little family. This will be our first vacation as a group of four. Disney, the beach, family, and friends. And jello shots.

Lately, Loretta has been Feeling a need for peace and quiet. For her own space. Otto's the most caring and kind big brother you could find but he is a 6 year old boy and so he is made of spazzy energy, wild gestures, loud noises, and a compulsion to argue everything. He makes her feel crazy. And when she feels frustrated she gets angry. So there has been some tension going on around here and we've been trying to create soothing moments for my sweet girl. Quiet baths. Books in the yard. Foot massages.

Well gang, since it's super rare that I manage to crank out a blog post in-between-Thursdays, I am excited to be Telling you all about our California trip this time next week. Including, hopefully, tales of all my visits to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for iced soy hazelnut lattes. It's the small things, right?

That was this week & here are next week's theme's:
visiting, planning, cooking, longing, growing