Guest Posting at Eisley Rae & Some Oregon Pics

First things first:

I... am... an asshat. My awesome friend Alyson (aka @EisleyRae) asked me to guest post for her one day while she's on vacation. She is so on top of it like that. But! I didn't realize the post was running today (Thursday) so I failed to plug it at all properly. So PLEASE swing over to Alyson's blog if you have a sec, it's a flashback illustrated post about a day that brought me so many belly laughs I wanted it to live on in the modern day...

Second things second:

Rob spent pretty much the whole day today exploring Eugene, OR (my maybe future hometown *she says with fingers crossed*) and I just wanted to share because these pictures have me droooooooling over this charming lil city up north...

While there is still a possibility that we'll be in Seattle (another rad town) instead, I think my heart may already belong to this lush lil Oregon town. Can you blame me? It's like pretty pretty paradise.



Just a Perfect Day. I'm Glad I Spent It With You, Otto...

yesterday was such a perfect day

Tuesdays are my "Otto Days" I take the day off from work and we just do... whatever.

Our day started off with a quick grocery errand to Whole Foods. Any time I get to shop there I have a perma-smile for at least an hour afterward. Food Porn!

Ot suprised the crud out of me by declaring he needed to use the potty while we were there.

So awesome.

We really aren't pushing the toilet learning but we are going the positive reinforcement route... So you know we celebrated that potty victory with a cookie from the bakery!

We ran into a little old nun in the ladies bathroom and she congratulated Otto with a high five. I thought that was cool.

The rest of the day (outside of Ot's nap) we spent in our backyard. We filled up the kiddie pool, laid out a blanket, and played.

Rob joined us for picnic lunch. Amazing chiabatta sandwiches thanks to Whole Foods' bakery. Fresh organic fruit salad, mmmm.

Then Otto napped and so did I.

Then repeat playing in the pool in the yard til dinner time.

Perfect. Day.

Oh wait! (I didn't really forget). During Otto's nap I made butterscotch pudding parfaits. Chilled them. Then we had them for dessert after dinner.

I love Tuesdays.

Tomorrow Rob leaves for a three day recon trip to Oregon. A state that may, very soon, be our new home. He has narrowed it down to two schools at this point and we'll know for sure by April 15.

I can't wait to know so I can plan! We're definitely moving. Not knowing where is making me a basket case of frustration. Grrrr. But April 15 is soon. Yay for soon-ness!

I hope everyone else has had at least one perfect day so far this week. Or at least one good glass of wine. Or is planning good things for the weekend? Are you?

I don't think I'll sleep well while Rob's away. So I'm looking forward to his return already. Also because I'll miss him. And otherwise looking forward to a nice playdate Saturday morning with some cool mamas.



Tofu Pad Thai w/ Sunflower Seeds (Peanut Free!) ... The Recipe

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Recipe experiment success! (and if you call me a hippy for this one I'll poke you in the eye with an incense stick)

And if you're into the vegetarian aspect but don't mind peanuts, just use peanut oil instead of canola and roasted/salted peanuts instead of sunflower seeds.

This recipe is really close to tasting like the Pad Thai you get in restaurants, but without the oyster sauce, shrimp powder, or the peanut ingredients. It's modified from the Joy of Cooking recipe for traditional Pad Thai.

The key to this recipe is having lots of plates & bowls handy and prepping all of the ingredients ahead of time. Really once you've got everything prepped the "cooking" takes less than 10 minutes. Your work station should look like this...
What you need...

6 oz. dried rice noodles
1 tsp cornstarch
1 tsp toasted sesame oil
10 oz. firm tofu (drained & crumbled)
3 eggs (beat em up)
1/2 cup of 1/2" pieces scallion (the white/light green part only)
3 red chili peppers chopped
2 Tbsp garlic chopped
1/4 cup vegetarian mushroom sauce (buy at your asian market)
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
3 Tbsp sugar
1/2 cup bean sprouts (the big white ones)
1/2 cup (or more) roasted, salted sunflower seeds
1/4 cup fresh basil leaves chopped
1/4 cup fresh cilantro leaves chopped
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (like you put on pizza)
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
Canola oil

What you do...

1. Soak the noodles in hot water about 30 minutes. Drain/cover. Set aside.

2. Mix cornstarch with sesame oil (add extra sesame oil if you want). Pour over crumbled tofu and stir it up to coat.

3. Put scallions, fresh red chili peppers & garlic on a dish

4. In another bowl stir together mushroom sauce, lemon juice & sugar

5. On a plate assemble bean sprouts through black pepper in nice little piles (you'll add these to the stir fry one-by-one in the order listed)

6. Heat 2 Tbsp canola oil over med/med-high heat til very hot (but not smoking) stir then quickly...

Go Fast!

7. pour the egg mixture in while stirring until the eggs have set (this part is really fun)

8. Set eggs aside, reheat wok over high heat & once hot pour in 4Tbsp canola oil

9. Add scallion/pepper/garlic mix and stir until garlic just browns

10. Quickly add tofu and continue stirring about 2 minutes

11. Quickly add noodles and stir until they're coated

12. Add the mushroom sauce mixture, stir

13. Add the eggs back in, stir

14. Add the remaining plateful of sprouts-through-pepper one at a time, stirring all the while

15. Serve piping hot

16. Make someone else do the huge pile of dishes

(supposedly that's Thai for bon appétit!)



Stepped Out!

This is my first Steppin' Out Saturday ♥ I love this idea so much because it gives you (me, whatever) a reason to go a little above-and-beyond getting ready for the day on Saturday. Considering when I went to put on my eye makeup yesterday I realized it was still packed in an overnight bag from the previous weekend, I'd say it was about time! Ok, here goes...

We went to lunch at The Blue Willow. Love that place. My sister-in-law and her beautiful brood were visiting so we were all in happy spirits because we just love them! I found out it's especially awkward to ask your husband to take pictures of you for your blog when "outsiders" are around though. A lil weird. Anyways...

I'm wearing... shirt (thrifted), tank (GapBody), skirt (Ann Taylor, swapped), shoes (Blowfish)

Ot's wearing... shirt (Kenneth Cole, thrifted), vintage Levis (thrifted), shoes (Dexter, thrifted) and outer space socks (because wearing socks with the mandles is an Otto "must"!)

And... headband (made yesterday from scrap fabric), bracelet (repurposed vintage cat collar)

And that is how we "Stepped Out" on Saturday! I'm so glad I did this! It totally kicked my butt outta the funk I was wallowing in Friday night. I found my eye makeup and am wearing it again today (how fancy, right?).

And I'm rocking the same hairstyle today too and love it. Works just as great on day 2 (aka dirty hair day).

Very much looking forward to the rest of this weekend. Crafting, making dinner, and tonight a little wine all await! Hope you guys are having great weekends too. What's everyone up to? Anyone spring cleaning? I soooo need to get on that.



I Sneezed the Other Day...

{Scintillating title right?}

Anyways, I sneezed on Thursday night during dinner and this little BOY said, "Bless you, mommy."

What a gentleman! And when did he start going around blessing people? Love. It.

Yep, he's still sticking his tongue out for photo shoots. And still choosing to wear his mandles every day, even though they're a lil too big so we have to put on socks (Florida tourist style!) with em.

I was doing a bunch of self loathing and whining on the Twitter last night (I blame #wineparty) so I decided to kick my own ass into shape today, take a shower, put on an outfit, brush my hair, and I'm gonna try my first "Stepping Out Saturday" post later today (maybe, if the pictures don't look horrible, we'll see).

We have a lunchdate with my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and nephew so it's a total excuse to clean up! We'll see what comes of it but I'm in the mood to not be all self-loathy after last night's whinefest.

Hope you all are having rootin tootin Saturdays!



Now I'm High on Sharpie {Penmanship Fun}

Whoa on the Sharpie fumes! This is fun though. The other day Jaimie tagged me in a blog "meme" (I had to google that and I still don't really understand what it means) but basically I was challenged to do this penmanship exercise and scan/post it here. Well I have EXTREMELY TIDY PENMANSHIP so please send your compliments even if my answers are probs a little boring. Here we go...

To get the text to show up on the bottom one I had to play with the color like crazy. Sorry if its brightness sent you into an acid flashback (ps. I'm not really sorry, that is what you get for taking acid you hippy).

Am I the only one who turns into a pile of emo mush over "Glycerine"? That song! Love love love love love love.

Also loving this cookie (pictured).

So if you were challenged, this is your virtual slap in the face with a white leater glove. *Smack!* Now go write out these questions and your answers, snap a pic or scan it, post it on your blog, and tag 3 more lucky duckies!

My handwriting IS super tidy, right? What does that say about me? Super tidy = super laid back and fun or something? I kinda don't think so. I bet a Criminal Minds agent would have all kinds of profile fun with this one. ps. Garcia, boo!



Vintage Daddy Part 2 - The Parade Ensemble (aka The Purim Creep)

About a week ago I did my first Vintage Daddy post (part 1 in this 2 part series it seems) where Otto was rocking some adorable 80's polo tees. I mentioned that Ot also inherited a Coach's uniform from Rob's childhood closet. I did NOT mention that I failed to notice when the window of this outfit fitting Ot was passing us by (that would have been around Thanksgiving I think).

Anyways, last Friday Ot's preschool was having a parade in honor of the Jewish holiday of Purim. All of the kiddos were invited to dress in costume and they did a procession through the school wearing paper crowns and holding paper-roll-shakers covered in glitter.

It was the cutest thing I have ever, ever, ever seen in my life.

I thought, "Costume? Duh! The Coach's uniform!" When the day arrived, we realized, "ooh, this outfit is a lil snug." But by that time we didn't have any other options. So like reallllly good parents we poured our child into this polyester ode-to-baseball, smudged eyeliner on his rosy cheeks, and then let him choose his own socks and shoes.

I give you, the Purim Creep...

He is the cutest creep ever, right? Also note classy penguin tattoo on the ankle. We are nothing if not dedicated to creep-authenticity.

For reals though, Ot loved dressing up. He was like 24 hour smiles the whole time he was wearing this (ahem) outfit. 

My sweet little Purim parade man! I regret nothing!


On Wednesday, There is Wine... Blood Orange Mimosa (hey there's wine in there) ♥

Today I wanted to mix up my wining so instead of heading to the grocery to pic a wine to review I gathered up my Otto and scooted on over to Cost Plus where they sell all kinds of neat things, including neat vinos!

I was wandering around their wine section like a lost puppy dog, nothing was calling my name, and then suddenly this happened -->

What the what?! Canella sparkling Blood Orange Mimosa imported from Italy with a love halo shooting out happiness sunbeams!

How could I not reach out and grab that beautiful bottle of carbonated wine juice? The price: just under the $12 Wine Wednesday limit. The Cost Plus sign stating clearly "Technically Wine" (ok I made that up).

I mentioned I had my Otto with me on this trip so after choosing my beverage for tonight we were off to check the pasta aisle for tonight's dinner recipe. Ummm, prepare yourself for the cuteness of the Zoo Noodles that Ot chose...

Gah!!! The noodle cuteness!

So tonight's dinner recipe was Lemon Herb Pasta Salad (c/o Amy and Suzanne). Nom-bomb! I was leery after spending $10 on pine nuts that I was going to have to toast myself. But I toasted those nuts like a top chef and the recipe is like the most amazing thing that ever happened to zoo pasta. Delish!

I love blood orange juice and soda. I love mimosas. I loved this Blood Orange Mimosa! It's yummy (it contains real juice and yes, it's sweet like a nectar) but with a dry, bright kick that reminds you you're not drinking juicy-juice in Kansas anymore. And it doesn't taste like some pre-mixed cocktail either. It tastes like someone popped a dry bubbly and mixed it with fresh blood orange juice just minutes ago.

I had mine in a cute little juice glass on ice. It went very well with my pasta dinner. I'm now indulging in glass number two and I am totally okay with the headache I'll be dancing with in a little while. Champagne headache... Worth it. Delish! (Update: never got a headache, whoot whoot!)

The drawbacks - because it's carbonated I don't know if it will still taste as good tomorrow and there's no way I'm finishing this bottle tonight. Might be best saved for a breakfast, lunch or dinner occassion, just so you get your money's worth.

I'd imagine like any mimosa this would pair best with breakfast and picnic foods. It's light and fun like that. It was a great complement to my chilled pasta dinner. I'll totes be buying this again.

For more Wine Wednesday today check out Life on the Mom List (this mama founded WW!), Mama Heada (founding member of the Boxed Wine Fan Club) and Domesticated Delight (awesome mama) today for more vino madness!

If you did a Wine Wednesday post today click the button above to Linky your post this week. That's right, we're all tech-savvy and have linkys now. And the more wine the merrier!



World Water Day {The Adventure Project}

Today is World Water Day and well over 100 bloggers have agreed to give up their blogs for the day to The Adventure Project in the hopes of raising $10,000 to bring clean drinking water to people in India. The Prem Rawat Foundation will match monies raised, meaning for every $1 donated $2 will be raised.

To learn more about The Adventure Project please visit their website here.

When I read that 4,000 children die each day due to lack of clean drinking water I couldn't even wrap my brain around that. Can you imagine? I cannot. How helpless it must feel. The anguish of losing your baby to something so preventable. The Adventure Project is trying to make a huge difference by training people as mechanics to maintain existing wells, creating jobs and turning water back on for thousands of people (families, babies) each year.

And I'd like to ask you (if you are able) to make a donation, any donation, to this worthy cause. If you read my blog regularly you know that this is not my M.O. However, I truly believe in the worthiness of this cause and urge you to contribute any amount that you can, knowing that your contribution will be doubled! If you have $5, $10, or $10,000 to spare, please donate here:

Thank you,


Say Hello to The Northwoods Goat... Plus an Exclusive Discount!

I'm so excited to feature our newest sponsor (and a discount code!) Hilary of The Northwoods Goat.

Hilary is a Vermont homesteader (I can't even express how "wow" I think that is), a loving mama, a loving goat mama, and an amazing soap artisan. Just look at some of the amazingness that she creates.

Simply and beautifully packaged, The Northwoods Goat products are already carried in body shoppes, farmers markets, and boutiques throughout Vermont. Hilary has now launched an Etsy shop as well and lucky you, she is offering TidbitsParenting readers an exclusive discount through April 30. Just use discount code "TIDBITS10" for 10% off your order!

I found the process Hilary uses to create each unique bar fascinating. I love reading how things are made, especially when they are hand-crafted, because then I can pretend "I could do that" even though yeah right. I'll leave my soap-making in the hands of the masters like Hilary, thank you.

I also can't get over the amazing "flavor" combinations. Some of them sound good enough to eat. I am so intrigued by the Rosemary Lavendar Shampoo Bar that I will def be ordering some when my shampoo runs out! I've always said if they made rosemary or basil scented perfume I'd douse myself in it!

Please help me welcome Hilary by saying hello here, on Facebook, and swinging by her site to check out all the yummy, soapy amazingness. And don't forget to use the code "TIDBITS10" if you place an order before April 30 for 10% off.


I Made Something! The Quilted BathMat...

I like to say, "I am a crafter, not an artist" and that is my disclaimer.

Me --> Hates measuring.

Refuses to use pins!

Would rather die than baste something before just sewing the thing.

Still, I do love a good craft project and am pretty durn excited that my quilted bathmat came together so nicely (see below).

All this crafting just to make up for that time I was drinking wine and dying my hair (and my bathmat) like a drunken slob! Well I've gone and made the quilted bathmat cover that I dreamed of. I did something productive! I would have just bought a new one like a normal person but I'm determined to stick to my Nothing New in 2011 resolution (saving money, yay).

Go me on the productivity! *pats self on crafty little back*

I hemmed the edges and tacked it right on top of the incumbent bathmat. And learned that if you ever plan on hand-sewing through a bathmat you should find yourself a nice thimble ahead of time. Gah! Ouch.

Finished product in "the showroom"...

Only problem is now I want a matching one to go by the sink! And a quilted shower curtain. But this mama does not take on finish huge projects, so we'll be going with the mismatch for at least a little while.

I'm onto homemade bean bags for my next to-do. Let's hope they don't get bugs or rot!

Please tell me what you think of my little project here. The cuteness, no?



Vintage Daddy

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When Ot was about 6 months old Rob's mom gave us a couple of polo-Ts, a baby blue tuxedo, and a Coach's uniform from Rob's childhood. I was so excited to realize recently that the polo-Ts now fit! We dressed Otto in vintage Daddy gear this past week...

I just love these soft little polos. They remind me of Elliot from E.T. ♥ (still brings a tear to my eye after all these years) or Sebastian from Never Ending Story (best kids movie ever). And I can just picture "little Rob" running around in them 30ish years ago getting into mischief, watching He-Man, drinking Squeeze-Its, and riding a Hot Wheels in the driveway. Oh boy. Memories!

Otto is such a little Rob sometimes in both the way he looks/acts and in character (so silly, naturally musical, artistic, soooo logical and methodical) and it always brings a huge smile to my face to see the similarities between wee man and regular-size man. At 2 years, 2 months Ot is a card carrying KID. Hardly even a toddler anymore. A kid! Wow. Crap. Scary.

When did this happen? Why is he so bossy!? Haha, I really don't mind, but for reals, Captain Bossy Magoo.

I love it and it makes me want to cry all at the same time. Where does the time fly? It flies so fast! Sigh.

We took our little KID to the Tucson Festival of Books last weekend. Such fun! All towns should have an annual book festival. What a great thing to celebrate. Plus... carni food! Here is Ot noshing down (80s polo style) on some homemade lemon gelato.

Not pictured: me stuffing my face with roasted corn on the cob. I'm hoping to recreate that COTC this afternoon after Ot's nap. Gonna fire up the bbq, grill some tofurkey kielbasas & corn, and splash around in the kiddy pool a little since it's almost 90 out today (gah, ugh, oof, Tucson, gaaaaah).

Did a mention oof, ugh, gah, Tucson is hottttt. Ugh, gaaaaah.

I hope everyone is having milder fair weather this week. Enjoying your families. Opening your windows! Drinking green beer? Anyone? I have an organic strawberry ale I'm gonna crack later that I'm pretty excited about. *Pretending it's green*



On Wednesday, There is Wine... Firefly Ridge Pinot Gris

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Wine Wednesday is back, mutha fockas! Haha, are you excited now? I am! There was a little hiatus due to almost all the mommies who usually do WW being on vacations or otherwise busy over the past few weeks. Thank goodness things are getting back to normalcy!

I'm super excited this week because the wine I'm reviewing is a good one! I tried to mix it up (which is hard as a whites-only drinker), so far I've reviewed a Fume Blanc, Apple Wine, and Pinot Grigio. Today I'm reviewing Firefly Ridge Pinot Gris which falls under the $12 price limit if you catch it on sale like I did (normally $15 my bottle was $8 shazzam!).

Turns out I'm not mixing it up that much. I was curious about the difference between Pinot Grigio (my good ol' standby) and Pinot Gris so I looked it up. Annnnnd they're clone grapes. Pinot Grigio is the Italian version of pretty much the same grape. Pinot Gris is the French version.

Alors, aujord'hui nous buvons du vin francais! Well, from California --> but in French!

The Firefly Ridge Pinot Gris is everything I ever looked for in a wine. I would marry it.

It is light and dry, none too sweet, and has a nice fruity flavor that is zesty enough without being overwhelming. It is one of those wines that is just light enough and just unassuming enough to be dangerous because it's easy to drink these kinds of wines too fast and end up day-drunk with an afternoon hangover. I did NOT. Ahem. But I'm just saying it could easily happen.

The initial taste is very melony with a near-sour topnote (haha, I have no idea if I'm using the term 'topnote' correctly). That near-sourness evolves in your mouth into a citrus/melon/cherry flavor that is pleasant and even refreshing. If I have anything unfriendly to say about this wine it's that as the temperature of my glass changed from "chilled" to "room temp" the sourness increased and it became a bit more sour than I originally thought. Still... yummy.

This wine would pair well with fruit, veggie crudites, cold pasta salads, dessert pastries, and chicken or fish dishes. I made homemade chicken soup today (dudes I'm on staycation - I'm PARTYING!) and the wine held hands with my highly peppery, veggie-ridden soup. I've had 2 cups of each tonight!

Final verdict: If you can find this wine for $8 like I did, snap it up!

For more Wine Wednesday today check out Life on the Mom List (this mama founded WW!) and Eisley Rae today for more vino madness! And just let us know if you want to participate in a WW, we'd love it and we'll link to your post too. The more wine the merrier!



Today I'm Writing Over at CupcakeMAG!

Today you can find me drooling over wristicuffs at cupcakeMAG! This is where my slightly more fashion-forward alter ego (that goes by the same name) hangs out every now and again. Please go visit and let me know what you think!

Tomorrow I'll be back here reviewing vino for Wine Wednesday!

Happy Tuesday errbody!




Newsflash: I Am Awkward (the photoshoot)

When we visited San Diego last month I had a mini-agenda to get my amazing friend Annie to take "cool" photos of me for blog use. I've been all kinds of reading Cool Mom blogs lately and wanted to prove (to myself I think) that I am as young and hip and fun as anyone else on this planet. Unfortunately, I'm kind of none of those things. I'm turning 33 in May, ladies and gentlemen! My skin is tired of regenerating. And I think I finally need to give in and get the braces for my snaggle teeth that I've wanted my whole life. My other charms (youthful skin, bright eyes, keen wit, quick with a knife) are fading fast. Better fix the teeth me thinks!

Anyways, if anyone could make me seem hip and fun it would be Annie. She is a tall, beautiful glass of water, and the coolest artist/mom I know. She used to work at Anthropologie head offices and she even designed the packaging for their signature perfumes! Check it -->

I don't always usually love me. But I felt like I would share these anyway. Because in a way this IS me. And when I let loose and look silly (see below) I usually always worry about it later. "Am I an asshole?" "Everyone secretly hates me." "Why didn't I put on more eye makeup?" and on and on and on. 

Still, this was a fun afternoon photoshoot to be a part of. Wine was involved. Trader Joe's followed. 
I connect with this one because I KNOW this face. This is the face I make when I look at myself in the mirror.

Do you think I look hip or young or fun? I think the problem is we all want to look like movie stars. I personally want to look like Rachel Bilson or a Free People model. I wonder at what point in my future will I look back on these and think, "wow, I was so young, so fresh!" Will I ever think I was pretty? Gah. Who knows.

Ack! This post got all emo. Sorry! I'm contemplating rewriting a little. Hmmmm. No, I won't.

Things I am looking forward to this week...
1. Homemade pad thai for dinner tonight
2.  A one-day workweek!
3. Time with my boys
4. Lunch with my sister-in-law and nephew (hopefully mother-in-law too)
5. Sleeping in at least one day
6. Sewing up my quilted bath mat
7. Spring cleaning
8. Wine Wednesday!
9. A possible day trip with Rob and Ot
10. Catching up on Gossip Girl season 4 (i'm soooo behind)




Miso In Love...

Last night we took Ot on his first Sushi Night ♥ Well kinda. Rob and I sushi'd it up while Otto went to town on miso soup, edamame, and chicken yoki udon. Miso in love with this child!

While he meticulously tried to shell soybeans others at the restaurant had to run for cover. They were popping all over the place. Luckily Otto had already flirted his way into the waitresses' hearts so we didn't even get the skunk eye as the little green beans flew across the room.

Finally the noodles arrived...

Sushi night has never been more fun! Ok, ok, I do look back fondly on the multi-sake-bomb sushi nights followed by karaoke of my youth... but this was its own kind of magic. Love that Ot can finally enjoy going to restaurants with us and trying new foods. I was skeptical about the miso but he destroyed it, yay!

And mom and dad shared 4 vegetarian sushi rolls. Did you know you can get a Mexican sushi roll with cream cheese, jalapeno, and it's tempura-fried? I'm just saying. Amazing!

Looking forward to a busy busy weekend including a childrens clothing swap/diaper drive for Help-A-Mother-Out, a two-year old's birthday party, and the Tucson Book Fair. Hope your weekends are either fun-busy like mine or peaceful peacefulness! What's everyone up to? Inspired to go for sushi/noodles?



CSN Stores $35 Gift Card Giveaway! (CLOSED)

So excited to host for you my 3rd CSN Stores giveaway! With spring and summer looming (oof, Tucson heat!) it is the perfect time of year to start sprucing up your yard with a new playhouse, swingset, slide, or other outdoor goody, like these outdoor playsets. Here are a few extra-fun ones I found while on the site...
AND! Here's hoping wherever we move this summer finds us still in a house with a yard! But enough about me, this is a Giveaway! Whoot! 

That's right, the lovely people over at CSN Stores have offered TidbitsParenting readers an opportunity to win a $35 Gift Certificate! The CSN Stores world will be your oyster if you win.

Congrats to MaryHappyMommy with #15 comment you are the winner of this giveaway! I'll be in touch with your certificate code soon via email!

Many Entry Opportunities (none of these is mandatory); pick and choose the modes of entry that you like, and remember to leave a comment for each.

- Tell me what you think you might get from CSN Stores if you won the gift certificate

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*Vote for my blog on Picket Fence, Top Mommy, and/or Top Baby blogs (see right sidebar). You can do this daily for up to 3 bonus entries each day & I'd love it if you did!

Please note the fine print...
If you already do/are any of these things (like a Twitter follower) that counts too! Remember to leave a comment for EACH entry. I will contact the winner the week of March 28 and they will have 48 hours to claim the prize or a different winner will be chosen. Giveaway will be closed for new entries at 11:59pm Pacific Time on March 27. Open to US & Canada. I will use Random.org to choose a winner and will verify that the winning entrant has played by the rules so it only makes sense to be honest! Note: I was in no way compensated for this post other than CSN Stores generously providing a gift certificate to the winner. The opinions are my own.

Mama Say Wha?!

I'm thinking of adding a page to this site for "modern mommyisms" what do you think? And I'm not talking about "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar."

I feel like we blog-reading, twittering mamas say the funkiest, funniest things sometimes! I know you guys have me rolling on the floor pretty much daily. I came up with two yesterday (based on my life yesterday)...

Butter Blemish (noun) : a glob of sun- soy- almond- or peanutbutter in the middle of one's forehead, directly above the area where the unplucked eyebrows kind of meet in the middle. Resembles a blemish one has smothered in concealer. The butter blemish should be worn for countless hours, unknown to the wearer, and definitely should be worn to preschool dropoff.

Poptart Pedicure (noun) : a mode of distraction employed to guarantee 45 uninterrupted seconds of toddler toe care. Sit toddler in highchair, provide toddler with a Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastry, clip the crap out of toddler's toenails as fast as you can!

ps. Here is my favorite picture from last weekend. Otto and his little cousin AJ having a roaring game of ping-pong. AJ was so patient to play with Otto all weekend (legos, slapjack, hide-and-seek, school) even though Otto cheats at everything (not on purpose, it's just that he's 2 years old).

So what do you think about a "Mama Say What?!" page? Do you guys have any you'd want to add to the page? I'll put it up tonight & take submissions and would link your submission back to your blog/twitter page! Just email me (see sidebar for contact link) or comment it and I'll add.

ps. This is my evil ploy to have jokes emailed right to my inbox, haha!



Welcome Green Baby Elephant! ... and a Coupon Code!

Soooo excited to welcome the newest TidbitsParenting sponsor, Green Baby Elephant!

Green Baby Elephant is a one-stop-cloth-diapering-online-shop launched by a fellow Tucson mama. They ship within the U.S. (with free shipping available in Tucson). They also offer in-home diaper parties & private consultations for Tucson-area parents looking to learn more about cloth diapering. 

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My Sunshine

When I was little the song my grandma always sang to me was "You Are My Sunshine". I loved that. It's the song I feel in my heart for Otto. I can't even really sing it to him because I lose it. I go all emo, quivery, tears. He wouldn't enjoy my rendition. I've tried more than a few times.

We're up in Phoenix this weekend visiting beloved family members who are staying with my parents for a few days. And spring has sprung! The sun is out! I find myself basking in the joy of "my kin" (as they'd say on Justified) and soaking up the warm rays. Go ahead and be jealous my snowbound friends! Phoenix is gorg right now! We'll talk again this summer when I'm human turkey-jerky :)

I snapped a few pics of Otto in my parents' backyard yesterday. My sunshine!

Notice anything *funny* about the guy? Guess who stuck his tongue out like a ravenous wolf when I mentioned pizza the other day and totally cracked us up (kid's got timing) and who is now milking the sticking-tongue-out joke for all it's worth.

Guess already.

Ok, I'll tell. It was Otto.

Anyways, I hope y'all are having great weekends. Hope the sun shines on you both literally and in the whole joy sense that is warming my heart this weekend. 

ps. It is seriously warm here. I packed all long sleeves and corduroys for Ot this trip. We had to emergency run to the kids' consignment store yesterday to pick up shorts & tees for my lil guy. I got 3 shirts, 4 shorts, sandals and a Brad Pitt-style newsboy hat, all name brand, for $50. Score to the score! 



"Don't Like It" Fireman

A quick little Friday post. TGIF!

Meet "Don't Like It" Fireman. Warning: He is probably fed up with you.

"Don't Like It" Fireman started out as a regular fireman but immediately after joining our household he became Otto's lackey. If Otto doesn't like something, you can be sure "Don't Like It" Fireman will soon be retrieved from the front of the refridgerator, waved in the offender's direction, and you'll be hearing, "don't like it!" actually, you'll be hearing:

"Don't like it. Don't like it. Don't like it."

We don't know why or when Otto decided he needed an authority figure to back him up. But let me tell you, when Otto's eating snacks on the floor and our dog, Georgia, comes sniffing around trying to score a mum-mum or berries or something, it is near impossible to keep a straight face when "Don't Like It" fireman starts berating her.

I love "Don't Like It" fireman though. His cranky attitude brings me joy. I love my little weird little son. And I love that it's almost the weekend! What are you guys doing this weekend? I'm taking Otto up to Phoenix to visit family from out of town including a second-cousin he's never met. We're also trying to arrange a meet-up with my sister-in-law and her lil mister.

Double cousin time!

It's going to be so fun, I can't wait!



Lilla Rose Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Here's a really sweet giveaway from the shop Lilla Rose which sells unique, functional hair accessories and jewelry. Now I am a girl with a mess of hair on my head. Barrettes, bands, bobby pins, clips, etc. are a must on the daily. Here are some Lilla Rose items that caught my eye...

Then I wanted to model the sticks for you ...

Please note that I did not use these hairsticks according to directions. If you like a tight bun and do them just right they will hold your hair all day in a tidy bun. I'm a slob though (haha, it's true) and I wanted a messy look. So I got creative and it turned out way cute (but required a lil hairspray to keep things in their right places). And now... one lucky TidbitsParenting reader will win their choice of Lilla Rose product...

CONGRATS #116! Random.org totally picked the very last entry. Wow, that's a first. I'll be contacting you via email with prize details. Yay! Well I never heard back from the first winner so here we go again, #15 congrats you are now the winner! Tweeting you!
You can enter as few or as many times as you want by doing any of the following...

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