Easy Egg-and-Cheesy Crescent Comfort Breakfast Rolls {Recipe}

So I "invented" these recently and they've quickly become a weekend breakfast fave around our house...

I use the term "invented" loosely because there's no way I'm the first person who thought of this. But for reals, this is like the easiest, yummiest breakfast recipe ever and they are 1000% toddler approved (meaning Otto would fight you for one).

Here's what you need...
1 tube Pillsbury (or whatever) crescent rolls
3-4 eggs cooked in the scrambled fashion
Shredded cheese
Other fillin' ideas: cooked sausage, spinach, hash browns, bacon, you get the idea

Here's what you do...
1. Pre-cook your eggs and any other ingredients that would need to be cooked
2. Lay out crescent rolls on cookie sheet, add a layer of your fillins, then roll into crescent shape
3. Cook per directions on the tube

Voila! These were totally inspired by my friend Alana who was making tuna-and-swiss crescent melts recently. I thought, "holy sh*t I could be stuffing these bad boys?" and a breakfast classic was born.

These breakfast rolls are so so easy and so so amazing. I hope you like them too! And hope all my US friends are having happy Thanksgiving weekends and everyone else is just having amazing regular weekends!



is that a baby in your belly or do you just eat too much chocolate?

 ummmm... both?
bu bu bump! i can't believe 3+ months from now this little lady will be making her appearance. i'm starting to go crazy trying to think of the perfect name. rob and i do NOT have the same taste in names at alllllll. but i really want to come up with a name we both love and then lock it in already. like really really badly. and i want to order Otto and baby matching embroidered Pottery Barn stockings! ugh! i'm making a sour lemon face right now...


so we had a really awesome saturday! it was chilly but not cold and only rained in the evenings. so we took ourselves to the park. how pretty is oregon (and my kiddo)? I mean seriously...

Ot is working on his pedal skills. it's not so easy when you're a little guy! and we totally forgot his helmet at home so he got lots of assistance this time cuz we were afraid to let go. but he's getting the knack though. it'll be a bittersweet moment when he can finally get that bike going without us. yay and boo.

in other yays, rob volunteered to go on a pregnancy run for me tonight. i came home craving a serious chocolate bar and we have nothing around this crud hole that will satisfy so i'm totally getting the pregnant lady pamper treatment tonight! here is my "grocery list" : king size (or 2) dark chocolate w/ almonds candy bar(s). i can't wait til he actually makes this run. it's gonna be a down and dirty chocolate bar make-out session!



Oopsie Loopsie

so i just wanted to share this rad little etsy shop with you guys; it's where i found Otto's insanely cute puppy hat for his halloween costume and for reals... every. single. hat. ashley makes is Adorbs-ville, USA. she was also really cool about my request for a custom matching dog-tail to go with the hat. and this wasn't one of those i'll write about your shop in exchange for free stuff situations, no discounts were had, i didn't even ask. i just fell in love with all of her hats and am a super happy customer who's now trying to decide which hat i want to order for my little bun-in-the-oven so she has one too! Oopsie Loopsie Crochet and Design -->

and even though this pic could def make the list of "sad etsy boyfriends" i love this beard hat. i want one! and how insanely cute would this be on a little boy? don't answer, i'll answer. "beyond cute, thank you."

ok, so that is my post for today. obsessed with adorable hats for the kiddos! and with dark chocolate almond bark. tomorrow i'm posting my stepping out post and you'll see my bump that's about 1 1/2 pounds of baby and 8 1/2 pounds of chocolate.

so hope everyone is having relaxing, lovely, cocoa-filled weekends. can you believe thanksgiving is in like 2 weeks though? egad! good lord time is flying this autumn.



h a double-l o double-u double-e n

what? i'm not that late with the halloween pics. and really? (if i do say so myself) it was worth the wait for these puppy/fireman shots. cutest puppy/fireman ever! we had such an amazing night. Ot was a hard core trick or treating fool. only semi-worried that he'd get rocks instead of candy after watching The Great Pumpkin Thursday night.
and then my favorite part, the puppy butt...
i'll do a separate post soon of the Etsy shop that was amaaaazing enough to custom make Otto this hat and tail for the costume. it's like the cutest hat shop of all tiiiiime ::sung in a super high-pitched voice:: !!! then i just ran some wire through the tail so it would stick out a bit and sewed it to the fireman's coat. we got the fireman costume and rain boots both at Target. double-awesomeness is that the hat and boots are totally wearable on the daily, and in chilly, rainy Eugene they will get lots and lots of use this winter.


Mama Steez - Life's a Coast

Egad I'm already annoyed doing this post and I haven' even started yet! When I changed jobs I had to send my old, snuggly computer back and inherited Rob's ollllld, POS laptop to take its place. Boo. I hate typing on laptops. I hate doing anything on laptops! It's like one of fifteen teeny reasons why I haven't gathered the strength to get back in the blog habit since The Great Gall Bladder Fail of 2011.

Reason number one being that I am pregnant! That's like a really great excuse to get out of anything right? As-of this weekend I am 23 weeks and let me tell ya, wayyyy bigger than I'm about to appear in the following Mama Steez pics. These are about 7 weeks ago and were taken at the tail end of my gall bladder diet that lost me almost 15 pounds in about 5 weeks. I'm back up those 15 pounds and dudes, it's all belly (and butt and, fun-ly, one boob more than the other one). But anyways, this is from the last time I actually Stepped Out on a Saturday. We went to the beach (sigh, remember the sun? I kinda do.) And it was all kinds of glorious. And then I was told that now that I live in Oregon we don't say "beach" we say "coast". Cuz everything's hipper in Oregon, even sand! So without further, here's what I wore...

top: Old Navy. scarf: from a street vendor in Paris jeans: c/o Denizen 

Coming soon: belly shots. I promise! I just need to wrap my head around the fact that this pain-in-the-ass laptop is my computer now. ::bangs head on desk::  Oh and IT'S A GIRL! Eek! Otto is so so so so so excited to be a big brother. He told me, "I will protect the baby from mud balls." ::heart leaps into mouth:: He is also ready to teach her how to eat cereal and color and sing songs. I'm so glad he's into this big brother thing. He's such a sweet heart.