Nothing New - My Resolution Challenge-y Thingy

Outside of finally making out with George Clooney (why can't the universe just get on board with this one already?) and trying to remember to wear deoderant every day, my New Years Resolution list "2011 Edition" is pretty slim pickins. I can't think of anything. That's how awesome I am I guess --> no room for improvement outside of the whole "forgets to wear deoderant and then smells bad" thing. But I have this idea (that I really like). I think I'm going to try to buy Nothing New in 2011.

Obviously groceries, tooth brushes, and toilet paper are exceptions. But nothing else. No new clothes, no dollar bin crap treasures from Target, just... nothing new. Like if I can't stop dreaming, drooling over, and fantasizing about Pottery Barn's Mum Garden bedroom set (wouldn't it be so pathetic if this was all I could think about ever since I saw it? What a loser I would be then.), well... I guess I would just have to wait for my May birthday and hope some generous soul gifts me with it, or that I stumble upon a mysteriously donated set at the thrift store. Because I ain't buyin it new! (Not even on credit, not even if I really, reallllllly want to.) And I do. Can you blame me?

I'm thinking, "I can do this!" "It'll be a challenge." "But it'll be fun (right?)!"

Whatever. All I know is we need to get our credit card debt under control. We need to build up our savings. We need to minimize the crap treasures in our house. And we're moving in like 7 months, so we need to get these things done sooner than later. Nothing New sounds like the plan to help us get there.

I'm a little scared. What do you think? What are your New Years Resolutions? Maybe I'll do one of yours instead!



CodyGirlScout said...

Dearest Friend,
There was a time when all we did was thrift store shop and buy second hand. I will join you in this challenge. I don't have a resolution yet and I need one. My 2010 resolution was to not post anything negative on Facebook and delete those "friends" who constantly did! What a great resolution! I did it! That resolution and yours are completely attainable! (And if you cut all sugar out of your diet, you can do away with toothbrushes.) Oh and also, make your own cloth toilet wipes. I did. We call them peepee swipes. I don't wanna deal with poo yet, so just pee. I wash them on the regular. We have cut down our teepee usage by at least 2/3.
your old buddy

OT and ET said...

Oh, Jen, my Love! You always out-hippy me, haha. I don't know if Rob would be down with the peepee swipes but I love that you're joining me in this thing. I'm already starting to think of all the things I'll make and rummage for rather than buying them. And am hoping to be inspired to start sewing my way through my fabric stash! <3 xoxox, Linds

drench city said...

I like it!

Abby Green said...

I love this idea...and I love thrifting...so I may be in...oh dear, I'm so non-committal. :) Where are you moving to?

b. lee said...

fun challenge * very adventurous! looking forward to hearing updates/tips on ur path to nothin' new in 2011 :)

OT and ET said...

My brain is already spinning thinking of what i might have got myself into. But I LOVE challenges!

Abby, we may just be moving into a cheaper place or somewhere far. Waiting to see where Rob gets accepted to grad school (hopefully someplace takes him!). :)

mamaclare said...

I love it! It might make moving easier! Unless you spend too much time thrifting!
So if I buy a "refurbished" ipod, does that count? What about yarn? Technically, it was once worn by the sheep. Only wool?

OT and ET said...

Refurbed ipod totally counts! I have SOOOO much yarn sitting around here that I cannot approve the purchase of new yarn (for me) but for you, Clare, I'll allow it! (wool only). xo!

Sweet Harper said...

In the midst of holiday craziness, I missed this post. You are so BRAVE..or crazy, haven't decided yet. Oh, and that bedding is beautiful!

OT and ET said...

Tracy! I think I'm brave? I hope? So far so good but it's only been a week :)

pps. Seriously that bedding is so tempting! Would you buy it already and then get sick of it right away and hand-me-down it my way? Please???