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This week's themes: 
finding, writing, dressing, thinking, beginning

I am Finding myself in a rut between Cautious and Safe versus Following Your Heart lately and truthfully I've been in this rut for months and months now. It's basically the end of 2014 and the small business that I intended to kick off back in January still lives in my head only. I keep waiting for that moment of extreme energy and boldness to hit me when I will run with this thing but the sad fact is all I feel most days is completely energy drained and a little panicky about money. Maybe this is a bad time in our lives for me to take on something new? But then if I wait, well, I just don't want to wait. But then every day I wait another day.

Otto has continued Writing his epic list for Santa. Now it's up to Rob and me to start getting a little family Christmas planned and some gifts and stocking stuffers gathered. I'm so excited to plan our Christmas breakfast and lunch. Thanksgiving is amazing and I love it...and need to get that planned as well. But I also just love the idea of a warm and easy Christmas day where the food is slower and simpler. I'm thinking a cheese-based soup, fresh bread, cinnamon rolls, and maybe hot toddies or cider drinks for the grownups. Mmm.

We have all been Dressing in layers. Cold came a little early this year! We are trying to be a bit Scroogey with the house heat as our bills were ridiculous last year. So we're all bundled and huddled under blankets.

Loretta has been Thinking that we are a bunch of dumb dumbs who can't understand a word she says. We also cramp her style. Also she adores us. She is a woman of intense love and fierce independence. I think she is on the brink of a leap in speech skills. She speaks so well, long detailed sentences, but her pronunciation is still mumbled and then she gets irate when misunderstood. I predict a happier little jabber jaw sometime soon. In the meantime, poor thing is frequently annoyed with us all when we don't understand her right away. She says, "I'm very very frustrated!" it breaks my heart.

We are Beginning to play a few boardgames as a legit family with all of us able to participate (Hi Ho Cherry Oh and Trouble) and also Beginning to be able to play some actual, real board games with Otto too. We got Quirkle over the weekend and I'm so excited about it.

Next week's theme's:
picking, reading, watching, rushing, planning 

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