So Major! Today I'm Guest Blogging at "Life on the Mom List"!!

I'm so excited/scared/nervous (even a little pukey nervous) about my first guest blog and couldn't be happier that it's for my awesome mama friend Alana! Alana just launched her blog "Life On The Mom List" a few weeks ago and it's already a big big favorite of mine. I feel like I grew up with this girl, even though we only met this summer, bonding on Twitter over mom stuff, ab workouts & the Rachel Zoe Project. And that's what my guest blog is all about!

Please go visit the post and while you're there check out the rest of Alana's blog & give her a little GFC lovin! I promise, she's a dolly doll doll! As is her chubby cheeked munchkin, D.

Here's a link to the guest post:

#ZoeMG! The Magic of Rachel Zoe and by the way This Twitter/Blog Friendship Stuff is Bananas!



Alana said...

Thank you! ::twirls hair around like a shy little girl::

OT and ET said...

Thank you, mama! It was so fun and the pukey nervous feeling has passed! ::spins in a happy circle in a huge green field holding a giant bouquet of wildflowers::

Aleksandra Nearing said...

Whoo-hoo! Enjoy the guest blogging :)