While I'm Away...

The road to a lousy blog is paved in good intentions to keep it updated daily and plan ahead for a trip by scheduling a bunch of posts to run while you're away... and then NOT doing any of those things.

Sorry about my lousy blog but I'm off to St. Thomas for a few days of daiquiris recuperation (with a totally Nothing New wardrobe which I'll try to take pictures of so I can show you next week how darn thrifty I got at Buffalo Exchange). My great disappointment is no un-new shoes *sigh* and I forgot to stop eating and do 10,000 situps this week *sigh sigh*.

Talk to you guys real soon. Probably about my itchy sunburn (that's usually how these things end).



Alana said...

You are leaving already??????
Hope you have so much fun! I am so jealous! I will be here drinking wine and eating bon bons till you get back! Please tweet me the deets. You know what, never mind! ENJOY IT! YOU DESERVE IT!

PoetessWug said...

Have a good time...and wear lots of sun screen!!! :-)

Abby Green said...

What are you talking about?...your blog is fabulous! Do you see any of us even attempting to start a blog? :) Enjoy St. Thomas!!!

BusyWorkingMama said...

St. Thomas!?!?! Oh Lindsey - enjoy!! And send some sunshine my way :) Though I shouldn't complain, Atlanta will be in the 60s today.

OT and ET said...

It was the most gorgeous place I have ever been, ever! I want to move my family there and start a business selling coconuts with straws stuck in them (for reals)! But definitely glad to be home with my boys again!