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We're going streaking! There is an "old school blogging" meme going around and Andrea from Bubblewrappd and Rebecca from Manic Mama have both tagged me. It's lists -- my favorite thing! I love lists. Sometimes I make lists of things I've already done just so I can check them off. So this will be FUN

Five Things I Have a Passion For... my children, my husband, my family, laughing, and lately a passion has been reading/educating myself about the tragic industrial food complex. Am I a drag? Anyways, also close runner up passions would be Project Runway and coffee.

Five Things I'd Like to do Before I Die... find the death antidote, visit Greece, see my kids happily settled into lives they chose and get to know my grandkids, go back to grad school (but for what?), and grow/tend a really splendid English garden.

Five Things I Say a Lot... That's garbage, Make it work, You chose poorly, For reals?!, and Awesome

Five Places I Want to Travel... Greece, Hawaii, Italy, Galapagos Islands, and Ireland

Five People I Want to Tag for Old School Blogging... I think I am tardy to the party so I am just going to tag anyone who hasn't already been tagged elsewhere. Tag, you! What are your lists of five? Will we one day meet up in my organic English garden in Italy over a nice coffee and watch an epi of Project Runway and then go streaking? I hope so!

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