a day at home

We had the best kind of day at home yesterday. Rob and Otto are a pretty dynamic duo these days, playing xbox Lego Batman whenever Etta naps. There was this magic moment where I got to stand at my kitchen sink window and drink a whole cup of coffee while Etta napped and Rob and Ot played. Ms. Etta's getting so big, sometimes she still takes two naps but sometimes only one. She's so beautiful to me, and such a mysterious creature. A real piss pot. But also a doll. Her strawberry blonde hair seems to be sticking around and her eyes are the prettiest shade of green-blue. Otto is hooked on learning: a little multiplication on the front walk, sounding out words and writing graphic novels when he's supposed to be napping, growing so fast. I am boring but it's like the weekends being boring is super important to me! My most fascinating thing right now is that I'm planning to turn my fabric basket into a dress-up basket for the kids and to sew my way through the collection of fabrics that are currently in it. Kid pants, blankets, and dressup "scraps" are the goals. And maybe some potholders, ours are all tattered.

Etta writes on everything with crayon, including the inside of her mouth. She makes this "Oh!" surprised face when she does something she knows she shouldn't and looks at you with this shocked look like, "can you believe this is happening?" then smiles and heads for the hills.

Otto loves playing super powers and magic powers. Whenever he casts a spell he says, "Magic, Magic..." and then casts it. I love it.

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