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The deal: Use our themes or use your own - just let us know what is 'currently' going on with you. Be sure to stop by and say hello to the other bloggers linking up - especially to my amazing co-host Randalin of Harvesting Kale.

This week's themes: 
anticipating, contributing, discussing, listening, deciding

I am Anticipating a jam-packed weekend. Halloween is just a week away and Otto's Ghostbuster costume currently is a wildly unimpressive khaki shirt tucked into khaki pants... We need to get a-craftin! ps. I am also Anticipating the full week following Halloween of my kids being sugar fueled freaks. Our method is let them burn through the candy as fast as they want so it's out of the house. Also to sneak it out when they don't notice. Rob also sneak eats their candy and I am like, "Steal away! It makes them jerk robots!"

I am excited to be Contributing to the Eugene Special Olympics polar plunge without jumping into an icy river because I AM NOT CRAZY. The kids' school has generously donated their rec room and an upcoming weekend so that I can organize a huge rummage sale. Now for the part where I make myself crazy taking on a huge project I don't have time for. I am maybe a little bit crazy.

There is a community growing of amazing women in this town and I was stoked to be invited to join a new Lean In Circle recently. Today we are having our first meet-up and there are like 20 women involved! We will be Discussing the unique challenges we face and supporting each other and inspiring each other. I AM NOT EXCITED AT ALL.

Yesterday when I picked Otto up at school the kids were all Listening to the "Freeze" song and having a huge dress-up dance party. Loretta ran over, joined in, and just froze. She wouldn't unfreeze. She froze for the full 2 minutes even during the dance parts and when I tried to get her to dance her eyes were like, "Do NOT fuck this up for me, Mom." She wins everything.

We are planning a tiny little Thanksgiving (just us) this year and we are each Deciding one meal category. Rob gets to pick breakfast, I'm on dinner. And Otto is on dessert. So far he's landed on popsicles so this may be one of those Charlie Brown style Thanksgivings with popcorn and jelly beans and toast.

Next week's theme's:
committing, loving, organizing, watching, shopping 

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