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This week's themes: appreciating, feeling, looking, regretting, playing

I have been Appreciating my children's strengths and weaknesses. Loretta is so resilient and such a force of nature. She face planted into rocks (of course she did) at school last week and got the worst nose scrape and lip cut combo I've ever seen, plus gauged her forehead so badly she needed a stitch. My heart hasn't stood so still since she spent her initial days on this planet in NICU (scariest days of my life). One of our parent friends from school posted this on my FB:

H- has told me (more than once I might add) that "Etta fell down on the sidewalk and landed on her face and she didn't even cry and she is a really tough girl even though she's a little kid."

Meanwhile fail to give this girl a pee pee treat after using the toilet and she falls to pieces.

Otto has been Feeling very cool lately, round-the-clock wearing nerd glasses his Nana and Papa brought him. You guys, I can't. Where did Otto come from? He's like bio-engineered or something. He asked us what a "nerd" was and we were like, "someone who's really smart and so into being smart that it makes them cool." I love that nerd chic is a thing and my five year old is its poster child.

I have been Looking at the calendar and being like what in the what? How is it freaking mid-October already? Is nuts.

I am stumped on Regretting this week. I'm a little bit regretting that I didn't spend all summer visiting the gym and working on my skincare routine. Not regretting those things enough to wash my face before bed most nights or do sit-ups, mind you.

Image via Busted Tees. So! This past weekend we started Playing Settlers of Catan with Otto. On Sunday, we actually taught Otto, my mom, and my dad how to play and Otto hung in there as a team with Rob. Hurray Settlers! Otto rolls so many sevens! I'm tardy to the Settlers party, it's been a favorite of Rob's for years and years. But dudes, this game! I should say that it's still pretty involved for Ot. It's recommended for ages 10+. But playing on Rob's team he did super awesome and I'm such a board game geek it's like actually thrilling to me that this is something we do now. Settlers, Yes We Catan!

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Next week's themes were submitted by the wonderful Caz who blogs over at Water Under It:
anticipating, contributing, discussing, listening, deciding 

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