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This week's themes: 
wondering, running, winning, calling, finishing

Recently I have been Wondering what I can get away with tossing out of my house. It's post holidays, post Otto's birthday, and it just feels so so so so overflowing with stuff around here. And I won't even pretend I have a yard sale in me. But I do feel a massive donation party brewing inside of me (a party that involves one woman, sweatpants, and many cups of coffee). Neglected toys, things in the cupboards, closets, nooks, and crannies just need a good old fashioned purge!

Loretta has been Running around like a rabies caveman© giving us all an earful of grunted yells, yelled grunts, and general contempt because dudes, we cramp the eff out of her cavey style... some of the time. And then the rest of the time she's the sweetest, funniest, funnest little peanut. So yeah, girlfriend be loco. I'm tired. The end.

Otto is hoping that this weekend he'll be Winning something (none of us has any idea what) at his first taekwondo tournament on Saturday. I think for his age group they'll just walk them through some moves and then we can stick around and watch the older contenders spar or something. Ok, I have no idea what I'm talking about. Maybe it will be like Karate Kid and the evil taekwondo school from across town will show up and things will get really dramatic. You never know.

This weekend is Calling and it's all like, "You and Rob have a date on Friday night. Wassup?" And I'm all like, "That's so awesome." Seriously though, it's so awesome. Italian food and a brewery - home by 10. We know how to do.

Slowly but surely I am Finishing off Otto's Michael Jackson birthday cake. We have a local bakery (Sweet Life) that makes just stupid good cakes and so I froze all the leftover birthday cake and every night that I don't pass out during the kids' bedtime I head downstairs, grab a plate of frozen cake, eat it, then go upstairs and read for four minutes before passing out. As previously mentioned, I know how to do.

Next week's theme's:
smelling, drinking, wearing, making, loving 

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