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This week's themes: 
starting, looking, listening, snapping, making

This week was supposed to be Starting our little clan off on the path back to boring, wonderful Dullsville. After the holidays and Otto's birthday party last weekend, this was going to be the beginning of a lull. A return to blessed routine. Instead, the kids got sick one after the other, and so, of course, life adjusted. The nice part was getting to spend mommy-and-me days with each of my amazing kiddos. Otto on Tuesday. Loretta yesterday. But I am ready for non-sicky babes. So if Loretta's little fever and cough would just see itself out the door...

Yesterday, I found myself Looking forward to future lady days with my Loretta. We spent a little time painting out toes. We did a bad job. They look so terrible but who cares. And we also spent a little time on the kitchen floor, chit-chatting and eating chips and tzatziki. I just thought, "Oh, we're doing girlfriend things!"

Otto has been Listening to a new addition to his CD "collection" (he now has 3) a gift from his birthday party. It's Jackson Five greatest hits. Well, except really just song #2 (ABC123) on repeat. He likes to listen to a song again and again and again until he's got it DOWN. Then, out comes the mic and it's a singalong. So that's our song of the week. I wonder if he'll be in a band eventually, I mean he's got the hair for it... or maybe a solo artist. His dad plays quite a few instruments. I would have, but kind of had that nipped in the bud in elementary school when I wanted to learn a different instrument every year. I kind of know how to play piano, kind of violin, kind of clarinet. I think I could have been more musical but I was too curious and my parents insisted on focus or nothing. I get it now, but as a kid I chose poorly and dropped out. So I'm becoming that classic parent who lives vicariously through their kid, but seriously am enjoying Otto's love of song and dance. I always wanted dance classes too. Ha. I swear it's HIS interest! I'm just enjoying the crud out of it.

So we're all Snapping our fingers to the J5 and waiting for the germs to clear.

And Making plans. Winter always inspires plans for Spring and Summer. This will be our last full summer in Oregon so I'm planning more visits to the coast, some hikes, camping maybe, but maybe not. I'm pretty sure our camping gear is long ruined so investing in camping gear sounds distinctly un-fun. But definitely a few trips to Portland. Hopefully one next month, one in March, one in April. We'd like to get down to Disney this Spring or Summer, if we can swing it. I'm still putting together the pieces of my small business which is set to launch (on a very small scale) next month. I'm planning a garden. If planning is enough to get my sad winter blues-y butt through the next few weeks then woohoo. Cuz dudes, we're about to enter February, a lightless Ray Bradbury of a month I have a hard time surviving in the PNW. So focusing on planning...

Next week's theme's:
wondering, running, winning, calling, finishing 

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