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This week's themes: 
spending, running, feeling, resisting, needing

Otto is looking forward to Spending all the money in his wallet (and I have to give the guy some credit, he's been saving up for months) on some piece of ::poop emoji:: night vision spy kids gadget. EvanTubeHD is a sweet kid, I'm sure, but he pimps out toys like it's a multi-thousand dollar business ::side eye emoji:: and my six year old, bless his gullible heart, is a sucker and a half. If these things had Predator vision I'd be jumping up and down but I feel like this is going to be a bunch of LED lights mounted on a headband and that I'm going to be waking up to this thing shining in my face for a few weeks. Still, the actual point of this is that Otto is a rad little human and I'm an old grumbly person.

Last night while Rob was Running Otto to taekwondo, I hung at home with Loretta and we played castle tea party. After having many plates of pretend "sugar and hot rice" she said, "Let's pretend there are monsters in the house!" So I said, "Ok. Oh, oh, look over there!" and pointed into the kitchen, "There's a big purple monster right there!" And Loretta got the most terrified look on her face and said, so seriously, "What? Where is it?" Seems that game escalated a bit too quickly for her taste. And that was the end of playing Monsters In The House at least for a little while.

I have been Feeling my annual winter blues a bit more this month than I thought I would. We've had some real sunshine days but there's also been a LOT of cold, grey, drizzly ones and I just shut down this time of year. When we first moved to Oregon I was fascinated that this seasonal affective thing hit me so hard but it's not even interesting to me anymore. There are a lot of things I wish I was doing, planning, and being peppy about but I just turn into a grumble blob this time of year and crave not moving. So if the sun would just come out, that'd be rad.

Otto has been Resisting during normal life conversation lately in a way that feels a LOT like a pre-teen and I'll tell you this, No Bueno! There will literally be convos that go along the lines of me saying something mundane like, "We're out of milk." And Otto saying, "No we aren't." When we in fact are so out of milk and why argue this?!?! Rob and I have instituted a rule that we fondly like to call No Talk Back!!!. Basically, chit-chat, questions, and actual clarifications that are clarifying and actually actual are welcome and encouraged. Arguing for arguments sake or because your evolving six year old brain compels you to repeat all statements in the negative will earn you a quite intense skunk eye and possibly we will say to you, "Dude? Really?"

What I'm Needing is a 2 1/2 day girls getaway with my best friend at a seaside resort in a couple of weeks and thank goodness that's what I'm looking forward to! I can't wait to laugh til we cry and sleep in and hopefully just enjoy some sunshine lounge chair action and sit and talk in utter utter restorative peace.

That was this week & here are next week's theme's:
reading, eating, enjoying, learning, wishing 

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