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The deal: Use our themes or use your own - just let us know what is 'currently' going on with you. Be sure to stop by and say hello to the other bloggers linking up - especially to my amazing co-host Randalin of Kale & Beans.

This week's themes: 
reading, eating, enjoying, learning, wishing

I am excited to start Reading our next book in The Ladies Who Book Club. If you are looking for a good read (this I cannot promise since I haven't read the book yet) and an AMAZING group of supportive, honest, wonderful, funny, empowering women to read a book with at a relatively slow pace and share your thoughts, inspiration, and sometimes links to emotionally powerful Dove commercials with... then girlfriend, step right up and join us. We start discussing Amy Poehler's Yes Please! on May 15th.

Loretta was the lucky recipient of a grocery bag full of play donuts, cupcakes, cakes, and fruits from her babysitter who is retiring in about a month. We are so sad to end this chapter in our lives that began when Etta was six weeks old. Although we are thrilled that Kristie gets to live her dream and retire to the coast. Anyways, we have all been Eating at Loretta's tea parties which are dictatorial affairs where she hogs all the pink and white play sweets and only shares them with her My Little Pony and sometimes she hands you a sizzling hot cupcake fresh from the toy oven and goes, "It's so hot! Szzzzzz!" and laughs when you play have to drop it. She's a nut.

I have been Enjoying Otto's performance of Smooth Criminal from last weekend's Montessori talent show. I'm so proud of him!

We've fired up the karaoke machine a bunch lately. I have been Learning Jay Z's portion of Empire State of Mind. Someday I will be at the receiving end of a duet karaoke challenge and I'm gonna kick some serious ass. Otto has been all over Weird Al's Trapped in the Drive Thru. That's an hour-long song that's difficult to listen to a six year old plod through 150 times, I'll tell ya. Loretta? Let It Go til the sun don't shine. And Rob surprised me (I'll tell ya!) by trying to get away with Drunk in Love the other night. Dying laughing for so many reasons. And he had to mumble the whole thing because children! Have we all seen these lyrics? I don't think I could handle a life as sexy as seems to be happening at the Carter-Knowles home.

I'm Wishing for a little burst of energy this weekend. I have new pants to add to the shop! I just need to get the pictures edited. And then... planning on doing a booth somewhere this summer which is exciting and scary to think about all at once.  

That was this week & here are next week's theme's:
growing, playing, singing, choosing, looking 

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