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This week's themes: 
looking, loving, planning, starting, wishing

Life is Looking a whole lot more average as-of right now and I'm breathing a big sigh of relief. Rob was gone over the weekend and got home last night... so it has been just me and these two wild things for a handful of days. They did great. I did fine. But anyways, I am so so glad to be back to our little routine. Routine is my best friend forever.

With Rob away, my kids have been Loving the extra desserts and fun food we ended up having. Nachos for dinner one night was such a rip-roaring success and I think it may be a new standard around here. I even managed to sneak brown rice mixed with salsa and sour cream onto those bad boys and the kids destroyed them. Yes! We made "doughnut" muffins (a box mix from Target and don't you believe the lie on the back about dropping jam on top to create jelly-filled muffins because how dare they lie about that and break a mom's heart?).

Otto and Loretta have started Planning their Halloween costumes. I told them they have about four and a half months to "lock it in."

We were Starting some tomato plants for the summer in our kitchen and they kicked off like nobody's business but then about a week ago I think I overheated them putting them in the yard on a hot day. Now they look like merpeople who had their souls sucked out. Only a few survivors. I think my deep profound passion for gardening may have to skip a year. But I am trying to nurse the survivors back to health and hope to plunk them in the ground soon along with some store-bought cucumber starts and basil. There, you see, I'm growing a sandwich.

I guess if we are Wishing for anything it's just a little downtime and sunshine. Quiet minutes to enjoy each other in the fresh air. Bare arms. Yard meals. Walks around the block. They're humble wishes that always come true in summer and so summer is a dream come true.

That was this week & here are next week's theme's:
tasting, wearing, working, checking, playing 

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