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This week's themes: 
watching, dealing, losing, dreaming, committing

Lately we have been cat Watching. Please add this fact to the "Cool File" you keep on me. We promised Otto a cat for his (last January) birthday and then it came to our attention that Rob is pretty much allergic to at least some cats so... we put off our cat adoption and Otto's been a patient little dude but more and more he's like: naming cats, ogling cats, cat-talkin. Me too. As soon as we get back from Disneyland next month this cat thing may be happening.

Otto has been thinking about our upcoming (in a year) move to who knows where and Dealing with some anxieties about the whole thing. It's weird and tough not knowing where you'll be going. So far, his worst worry is that the car drive will be super long and boring. And I'm not going to be the one to tell him, "That's nothing. Your whole world will turn upside down!" Anyways, I think it's probably a lot for a little dude to fathom. I tried to sell him on the excitement of buying postcards along the way and he did NOT see the appeal.

Our meal plan has been Losing. Time to get that back on track. We've kind of hit a point where it's like, "Can't we just make macaroni and some sort of freezer nugget?" and the answer is no because we're out of milk AND nuggets. We've just been so all over the place but excuses be gone... plus meal planning is actually my favorite. Also file in the "Cool File" please.

Loretta has been Dreaming super magical dreams of pink princesses, purple princesses, pink fairies, mermaids, castles, and blue kings. I'm so that parent who wants to discourage color stereotyping but I DO love that she talks about her dreams and it sounds like they're freaking magical explosions so we'll work on the "kings can be pink too" thing later. Also, where did this Pink Monster come from? I did not create this beast.

For the past few months I have been Committing to a weekly Bootie Barre class and guys, I love bootie barre. It's so hard it almost makes me cry sometimes and I wish it wasn't called bootie barre. I wish it had a cool name like Xfit or something but bootie barre it is. I really love it though and am thinking I might also love taking a dancy-dance class too. Like hip hop. IDK. Maybe after some of the summer schedule madness is behind us I'll become a dance fitness guru. In the meatime, once a week exercise is a pretty big deal, at least for me.  

That was this week & here are next week's theme's:
reading, watching, listening, eating, enjoying 

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