currently... i'm gonna move to southern california

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This week's themes: 
visiting, planning, cooking, longing, growing

Right now we are Visiting Newport Beach, LA, and Disney. I wanted to put a pic of the kiddos with Mickey Mouse at the top of this post but I'm borrowing Rob's mac and I don't speak the mac handjive and couldn't actually figure out how to do this super simple thing so... all pics may be found on Instagram. Best to be enjoyed in the shade, curled up with a frozen margarita.

With 6 adults and 5 kids in the beach house (as we speak) it's hard to be Planning much - it's actually amazing because the small fry just run around entertaining each other and all we have to do is feed them, sunscreen them, and break up fist fights - but anyways there is a little place about a five minute walk from here called Chronic Tacos and I am planning at least a few more trips to that place between now and Saturday.

Cooking? Well I cooked jello shots on Sunday and a little patch on my forehead got cooked yesterday.

More than ever, after this trip, I will be Longing for Rob to land a gig (next year) in southern California. This place just makes sense for us. So... all the vibes are pointed southwest. Also, just any gig will do. So all the vibes are pointed in the Job direction with a strong southwest amount of vibe hinting going on.

There is nothing like seeing your kids and your nieces and nephews Growing up together. Right now we have a 6, a 5, two 3's, and a 1 under the same roof and it's magic. Last night Loretta had a light saber battle with her cousin. Otto is so amped on this whole thing that his voice volume is set to permanent bark. It's nuts and great.

That was this week & here are next week's theme's:
craving, feeling, thinking, loving, reading  

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