currently... mercury in retrograde

The deal: Use our themes or use your own - just let us know what is 'currently' going on with you. Be sure to stop by and say hello to the other bloggers linking up - especially to my amazing co-host Randalin of Kale & Beans.

This week's themes: 
hoping, being, going, making, writing

Right now I am still Hoping I will escape the really disgusting stomach flu that hit our house last Friday and has cycled from Loretta to Rob to Otto to STOP. I mean, a week in and I'm still feeling average... maybe I will get lucky?

There is always something about Mercury Being in retrograde that affects our life in a topsy turvy way. From little pieces of chaos and electronics malfunction to general life timing never working out... I always just feel off my game but not bad. Reflective? I'm not an astrology person much but I read High Tide in Tucson and saw the Butterfly Effect so I KNOW ABOUT STUFF. Also, ask me about my Gemini Rising because I'm textbook. Textbook!

That is ok, Mercury is Going to exit retrograde this evening. Tomorrow better start making up for some stuff.

Between the heatwave with no a/c and all my homeboys puking, we haven't been Making or doing much of anything this week. Bland food, early bedtimes, lots of encouraging the kids to lay around in the living room (coolest room in the house) and not throw up, please. I have been Making a huge dent in Sons and Lovers while the kids watch too much TV. Everyone should read this book. It is so good and kind of weirdly feminist while being pre-feminist and it's just incredibly human. I'm having a hard time putting it down.

Otto has started Writing his Christmas list. Ha! Last year's was like 100 pages thick by the time he was done. There is an awful lot of spy gear on his list so far and so Rob and I were asking him if he was planning on spying on us and his answers were pretty dodgy.

That was this week & here are next week's theme's:
calling, borrowing, taking, feeling, telling  

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