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In my heart this feels like it will be a long-winded blog post, almost like a eulogy is in order, but I know it will probably end up on the short side. I'll keep it short on purpose (I have to get ready for work soon). For those of you who swing by here regularly on Thursdays, you may have felt this coming for a while, and here it is. The end of Currently. But not really an end. There are lots of Currently-like link-ups out there. Still, for this little link-up that Randalin and I have been doing for a while (and that Randalin started quite a while before I ever got involved) this is it.

There is a very good chance that I will start participating in Sunday Lately with Katy from Wild and Wanderful. I still love the "currently" concept of following themes as a writing prompt. And having a weekly commitment to doing at least that one blog post has kept me blogging regularly which I appreciate. But in a weird way it's also given me an excuse to only blog once a week which... who knows. There was a time when I did actual, real blog posts about our little life and the joys and adventures in it. Look at this stuff from February 2011, I mean beyond how round and small and sweet (with chubby little hands oh my gosh) Otto was. I was an actual blogger of posts back then --> paper | tape | love

::blog nostalgia moment::

During that moment Loretta, upstairs, started saying, then yelling, then screaming, "Uppy. Uppy! Uppy!!!!!!!!" and earlier when I crept down here to write this I had asked if Rob would just grab her if she woke up and started screaming and he said, "Yeah, sure." But husbands have dead ears while sleeping. It's actually a biological fact that somehow protected them from saber monkey attacks thousands of years ago when they were hunter/gatherers. Saber monkeys did the classic scream-like-a-baby lure and attacked anyone who reacted with loving concern. All the moms died in monkey attacks. It was the saddest. Anyways, now she's escalated to rage and it's harshing by blogging mellow. I'm almost done.

There was a whole phase of this blog where I didn't use capital letters, except sometimes. Who has been around long enough to remember when no caps was a thing? ::two pink hearts emoji::

So tomorrow Loretta has a circus performance at her summer camp and we have been tasked with sending her in a "mime-like outfit" which, I mean... First off, please don't task us out, summer camp. Secondly, I researched mime outfits yesterday just to be sure and it's all about mod french 1960s long sleeves and cat pants so that isn't going to happen. If we know anything about Loretta we know she does NOT wear  pants below the knee. I got her a little white tank at Target yesterday and tonight I'm going to play around with block-printing strips onto that bad boy, toss in a black and white bow and black shorts and that's about as mime-like as things are going to get. Kind of excited about the block-print experiment. Wish me luck if it works out I will take pics.

Stream of consciousness blog post badge: Unlocked.

Honestly love you guys. -Lindsey

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