It's Been Awhile (as sung by Staind)

Hey guys, wow. About a year ago I did my last Currently post and then immediately, accidentally, and completely fell out of the habit of this blog. I honestly can't believe it's been a year.

Where to start and where to begin? We moved to Texas last week. That's the biggest thing. Between this time last year and today we've gone through so much. Rob graduated and we turned the page on the Eugene, OR chapter of our lives. He took a position here in Texas and so we loaded up about 20% of our possessions, sold the rest, and road tripped down the West Coast, through Phoenix, and on over to sun shiny, warm Granbury, TX.

So far so good. The kids road tripped like amateurs. Lots of grumbling. Lots of me begging them not to speak to each other, touch each other, or look at each other unless it was to make the other one happier. I ate so much jerky you guys. And we went to Harry Potter World. Those are the highlights of the road trip.

I think I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Photo-wise, I am so out of the habit. It's all on Instagram and if you're reading this we probably already follow each other anyways. Emotions-wise, versus this time last year when I was not so good, right now I am so full of hope for our little fam's future. My job is great, Rob's new job will be great, Loretta's new school seems great, Otto's new school seems great, the sun is shining... and Target is only 30 minutes away :)

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