Creamy UnChicken Enchiladas from Mommy D's Kitchen!

Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno!

I wanted to share with you an awesome recipe I discovered at the amazing Mommy D's Kitchen blog (that link will take you to the original recipe - yum!). I made Mommy D's creamy chicken enchiladas but subbed out Morningstar Farms Meal Starters Chik'n Strips.

Other than the chicken substitution, we followed the recipe to a T and ended up with a super delicious dinner than will definitely become a regular on the menu at my house (even my 18month old, Otto, loved these enchiladas and he is famous for his "no tortilla" attitude).
That's right, Otto hates tortillas, how dare he!? Haha, but these enchiladas made the grade!

I loved that this recipe was quick to make but allowed for the use of super healthy and hearty ingredients. So even though it's quick and simple, the end product was very healthy!



Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the amazing link and mention. I LOVE that you and your family love this recipe as much as we do. It is also a staple at our house! Thank you so much for sharing it with your readers and I certainly hope they enjoy it too.

With Love and Gratitude!
Mommy D

Jen said...

Enchiladas without corn tortillas are quite gringo -- or even blasphemous?? However, seems the end result was pleasing, which is the important thing.

PoetessWug said...

Thanks! I love a good recipe. And this one looks really good! I'm following Mommy D now too! :-)

OT and ET said...

Jen, you are now challenged to make them with corn tortillas. You realize? ::Virtual slap in face with kitchen mitt::

Of course, they'll be insanely delicious that way too :D

Jen said...

I accept your challenge!
Actually it is a great challenge, because Milo can be picky about red sauces, and so I'm glad to be inspired to fix up a white/green sauce enchilada. I will report back!

Mommy D said...

Hiya guys! Just wanted to throw out a little tip about using corn tortillas. I never actually tried to do the roll up thing with them, but I use this same recipe to make a Enchilada Lasagna using corn tortillas. Little sauce, cheese, tortillas, sauce, cheese, tortillas, etc. and baked abt the same time. It's super yummy!

Mommy D

Anonymous said...

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