Otto Takes Manhattan! I Take Zero Good Photos.

I pulled a total #momfail and took Otto along with me to NYC on a business trip this week without taking a single good photo of him. My mom came with us to be Otto's babysitter while I went to all-day meetings and one night to a cocktail party at the Soho Grand and one other night on the world's most nauseating cabride to a dinner at the nom-mazing La Esquina (where I immediately got over my nausea... they serve corn on the cob battered (and fried?) with cheese, spices and mayonnaise and O.M.G. Omg. Omg.). This trip is why I haven't posted in about a week and I'm feeling really lame that I didn't arrange for guest bloggers. I realized after it was too late that I should have. Sorry guys, I'm a newbie and painfully disorganized lately.

Please enjoy the above postcard of Otto's Manhattan vacation. Between my phone (which is my camera) having a #batteryfail and my mom not being able to send pictures from her phone... we're pretty much photo-less at present. Ugh!

But Ot had fun! And I hung around for an extra 1/2 day to take him to the 5th Avenue Build-A-Bear (he chose to "build" a mangy looking pup we named Benji. He said, "this puppy!" when he saw him. I said, "this one??? Are you suuuuure?" Haha. Anyways, Benji is now lovingly filled with fluff, has a heartbeat, and rocks an acoustic guitar and a snuggly snowflake sweater. Ot sleeps with him at night which is a first for him & any doll. Awwww...he loves dirty Benji.). We also hit the H&M for rockin kids clothes not currently available at the Tucson H&M. And finished off our day at Central Park where Ot played with fallen leaves for like an hour and ran around singing "Batman!". It was pretty magical.

I did get one semi-OK pic of Otto getting his own airplane seat for the first time...

In Otto's Mom news, 4Loko is about to be banned in New York so you know I had to try me some. I split one (yes, just 1 can) of the purple flavor with a friend and almost immediately lost all sense of space and time. I ended up back in my hotel room an hour later having tweeted the word "poop" for no reason & chowing down on room service sauteed spinach and a turkey burger with a fried egg on top. Weird choices but who knows what I was up to while under the 4Loko influence, even if it was really only 2Loko since I only drank 1/2.

Ok, so, I missed you guys! Has anyone else ever eaten at Prime Burger? I want to install their personal trays seating in my dream home. What's everyone doing for Thanksgiving? I'm already dreaming of green bean casserole.



Poppy said...

Otto looks like a seasoned traveler in that airplane seat. There isn't any 4 loko in that sippy cup is there? What a fun trip and how nice that your mom could come. I took my oldest to NYC when she was 1 and then again when she was 4 (before the others were born) and had so much fun. The others, well... they get to go to Jungle Playland

OT and ET said...

Poppy! Jungle Playland looks like a hellhole, haha! But yeah, NYC was super fun. Maybe too much fun for one little dude to process in 36 hours. He's been hell on wheels ever since we got home. Little dude bit me twice today. ::Curses!::

ps. you, me, 4loko... you name the time and place, I'm there!

Sweet Harper said...

LOL, I was telling my hubs about your 4 Loko experience! Now you can cross it off your bucket list ;-) So much fun that Otto and your mom got to come with! I so want to meet you in NYC sometimes...just follow the trail of sprinkles!

OT and ET said...

Tracy, I'll SO meet you in NYC any time! We can scrounge around for contraband 4loko & wake up in a bathtub somewhere covered in cupcake remains!