Oregon Trail 2011

hey guys ♥ ack! sorry for the loooong delay.
since i posted last we loaded our entire house up in a Uhaul (minus an antique dresser my mom kept for me that wouldn't fit, sniff sniff), dropped Otto off with his grandparents for the week, caravaned (rob in Uhaul, me in minivan with seriously unfair farting dog) for 3 days to Oregon, moved into our new house, had my mom fly Otto up to us a couple days later, and then spent the last few days hanging with my mom while getting settled into our new digs. holy sheesh i'm tired.

like crazy stupid tired.

like so tired i felt paralyzed just thinking of writing this post. also i took hardly any pictures of this thing! i'm feeling like a huge womp womp blogger about it all. but i'm determined to get back on track! in the next week or so i'll share more pictures of our new place that's *this* close to all set up already; including Otto's big boy room (it's super cute); and our adorable new neighborhood. for now, though, here's a few pics of the Oregon Trail 2011...
the dream team. my parents, rob's parents, my lil bro, and our brother-in-law all shlepped down to tucson to help us load up. they are awesome!!!
then this was pretty much the view for a day and a half. yawn.
then, as we drove norther (a word!) up california, things started to get greener and leafier...
we stopped for dinner at Grilla Bites organic restaurant in Redding, CA and omgggg.
mushroooom graaaaaavy. mmmmmmm... also, they had a huge rube goldberg on the wall that we got to do for a quarter. neat!
then the next day a lil more of this...
now quite prettier, eh? and then around 1pm on wednesday we pulled into our new driveway!

and i haven't taken a single picture since! because i've been busy unpacking, yo. and also just feeling slightly out of my groove still. oregon is gorgeous and i think we're going to love it here. but i think i have a little ptsd going on right now. and it's taken a lot of energy to keep Otto comfortable with all the changes. dudes, i'm pooped. and that means tired. so i'm gonna tuck into a coffee cup of blueberry cheesecake icecream and then snooze now. i'll try to post more tomorrow. xo!


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