pottery with friends {world's awesomest tow-mater}

kate and zora are our across-the-street neighbors and some of our best friends. so kate and i thought it would be nice to take Ot and Zora for a big sha-BANG outing before we leave for oregon (omg we're leaving this sunday, omgomgomg). so last week we headed to the ceramics painting place in the mall after a nice dinner of too much gelato.
it was so awesome to see the kids get into painting their projects. also, sort of a psychology study to watch kate and i try to structure the painting and add our own touches to the ceramics. PSHAW said the kiddos. structure is for suits and bores! eat more bubbletape!
well, actually, the lovely Zora did a pretty immaculate job of polka-dotting her teapot with kate. Otto, on the other hand, was teaching mommy a lesson about "letting go of control"...
me: must make tires perfect...
otto: must not rinse brush before switching colors...
seriously ugly children. right? anyways, we had a blast...

so today we got to go pick up the finished pieces! Otto's mater bank was comin' home, dad gum!
but first, more gelato and a ride in the kiddie roach coach! because obvi.

::drumroll:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: and now. i give you ::drumroll again:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
the. WORLD'S. AWESOMEST. TOW-MATER! (with perfect tires)

hurray for kids!


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