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don't ask me, because i don't even know how this happened, but little miss Loretta will be 10 weeks old tomorrow. she does things. like smiles, coos, laughs, follows you with her eyes, rocks the tummy time, squirms her cute little socks off (how is baby toe jam so freaking cute?), and spends a serious amount of energy trying to find and devour her fingers. i don't even need to say how much we adore her. she has made our happy home even happier. Otto dotes on her and my heart explodes into heart shaped rainbow confetti every time i see him take her little hand and kiss it and say, "awwwwww baby, you're so cute."

she really is so cute.

so. one of the things my family loves to do is dance party. lately in the evenings Otto has been unleashing all kinds of don't-eff-with-me-cuz-i'm-effing-crazy on us because he is three and a maniac. and we've found that one of the ways to diffuse his extreme sour-pussing is to tire him out, smother him with love, and bribe him with Pez. so we dance party. it's like one of our favorite things to do.

some of my friends and favorite people on the planet are in this band Deer or the Doe (they are so cool that adidas used one of their songs in a commercial!) (they are so cool that they live in Portland!) anyways this song of theirs that i'm embedding here is a toddler-approved dance party favorite. i just wanted to share with you because i think it's so good and i thought you would too...
so we'll usually just sit around the computer playing youtube/itunes deejay. one of Otto's other favorites right now is Hammer's Can't Touch This. re: that... i totally thought i knew the words but then last night while we were dancing away and i was rapping along all happy-as-a-clam it pretty much turned out that i don't really know any of the words at all and Rob was totally side eyeing me and saying things like, "so you think you should be singing along to this, huh?" and "really?" and then finally "why are you still trying???". 

because you can't stop the jam, that's why.

and in "i'm an emotional weiner" news, the choreography in 1234 by Feist overwhelms me to the point of tears to this day (like tears running down my stupid face just yesterday) but i seriously seriously love it. i'm just going to post it here because why not! like you haven't seen it 1,000 times already. but it's awesome so whatever. 
love. love dancing with my little family. love that we can be so fun and free with each other. do you guys have favorite family dance songs? does really inspired choreography make you cry too? well then we should hang out sometime.


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