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thank you to everyone for your kind words about georgia. losing her so suddenly has really thrown this mom for a loop. i just feel so "blah" and out of it. like a standing-beside-myself-watching-everything-i-do and being-super-awkward kind of feeling. it's very annoying! snap snap! i am trying to snap out of it. so far the snapping plan isn't working.

my sunshines...
in munchkin land things have been just darn awesome, though. Loretta is a bright little ray of sunshine. she smiles now, coos, babbles, looks at you sometimes, and is just generally so very snugly and cuddly. she is still quite bossy! much bossier and easier to anger than Otto ever was and i just love how we can see her personality already. she is a sassy little miss and i just love her to bits. she is 8 1/2 weeks old already. how in the world did that happen?
Otto is still the coolest kid on the block. he never ceases to amaze me with his sweet, loving spirit, his creativity and intelligence. yesterday he counted with me to 100... 100! fyi: that's amazing. tonight he sat down with Rob and dictated and illustrated a book about pigs, wolves, a volcano, lots of lava, hiding in a toilet, spiderman, and a happy ending. haha! and he loves doing pre-k and kindergarten workbooks with us. just a super cool little dude who loves his little sister so much and seriously is such a ham sandwich.
i'll continue to work on this snapping out of it business and hopefully will be feeling like less of a dud. womp! i am excited to say that coming up soon on this blog is a veritable "tofu week" with, count em, TWO different yummy tofu recipes i've made lately that both turned out awesome. it took me years to figure out tofu, and i've finally got it D-O-W-N. also, our family photo shoot a couple of weekends ago went so great. i should have those pictures to share soon. hurray! also my bday is coming up in a few weeks and i was thinking of asking for a new wallet so i thought i'd do a post on some cute wallets i have my eye on and share that with you. AND! (yep, there's more) i found this cool mom on Etsy who just happens to be a local Eugene mom and she agreed to let me feature her on the blog and to provide you guys with a discount code (more on that soon). ANNND!! well finally, my girl Jaimie recently tagged me in a blog post so i'm looking forward to replying to that with some random facts about life in our wild little home.

so is anyone else obsessed with the show Girls on HBO??? I am dead obsessed. So good!

ps. and for reals if you're on instagram, find me, i'm highly addicted and my name is "otandet".

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