how to be happy

the first trick to being happy is to fill your salad plate with brie, hummus, naan, and olive tapenade. shut up about a table because you don't need a table. just put it on your diaper genie like the cool kids do. now eat that shiz while you watch Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal like fifteen twenty lost count times.

now, have a toddler, so that they can draw you this and your heart can explode out of your body:
and even if maybe you're smelly because you went to Hard Core Yoga tonight and got so sweaty you were blinded a few times. i mean like really weirdly sweaty. especially since you stopped wearing aluminum-based antiperspirants. well you know what? that lavanila (<-- world's best smelling deoderant) is masking your funk just fine. so don't you dare shower! showers are for tomorrows.

instead, look at these instagram pics of your freaking amazing children, drink that coke zero you picked up at carl's junior on the way home, believe your friend emmeline when she tells you it has no proven carcinogens, and then get some sleep, missy. xo

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