family of four - our first photo shoot

oh my gosh you guys... i am so excited to share these pictures of our first photoshoot as a family of four. my friend  andy drake (here's his other site) who's a local freelance photographer here in Eugene as well a designer at my work was so kind to bring his girlfriend and double-date with us for a picnic lunch and take these beautiful pictures. i tear up just looking at my babies. they are always so beautiful to me and i wish i had a camera embedded in my eyeballs for all the moments i want to capture forever on a daily basis! but i feel so lucky to have this set of beautiful images from this perfect day with my sweet little family.
like tonight at bedtime. and i have to admit bedtime was a little rough tonight. rob is busy with midterms and it was just me and the kiddos. i work guys, so i had been up-and-at-em since 5am and tonight Loretta wanted to nurse nurse nurse and Otto tricked me into reading books to him until it was almost a half hour past his bedtime. suddenly every small body was incredibly upset and tired and bedtime felt a little sour. but once i got Otto settled into bed we decided we'd sing Aiken Drum  while i sat by his bed nursing Loretta. i was petting Otto's hair and he was coming up with all of these crazy things for Aiken Drum's clothes to be made out of (this song, by the way, is so great for imaginative singing, it's like mad libs for toddlers) and we were just singing into each other's eyes and i wanted SO BADLY to run down the hall and grab a camera or my phone to capture the moment! but the truth is that whenever i try to do that it rockets me OUT of the moment and i'd rather be present for Otto and Et, enjoying those moments, sometimes, than worrying about capturing them on "film". so bedtime tonight will just have to live in my memory and it totally will. i will always remember petting that sweet boy's hair and singing about Aiken Drum's pants that were made out of "maps" - with Loretta there in my lap. such a perfect way to close the day.
i really love how genuine and candid the photos came out. i couldn't be happier! and can't wait to use these both for Loretta's birth announcement (is it super bad that she's 10 weeks old and i haven't done this yet?)(also that i haven't vacuumed in approximately 10 weeks?) and can't wait to hang them up in our new house. we're moving somewhere bigger and cheaper (#hoping) at the end of June and getting photos printed, framed, and hung up will be a first priority project for the new house. i just want to look at these happy images every morning when i wake up and all day long.

our last family photo shoot was a year and a half ago. so crazy how time flies so quickly. i cherish each and every one of those photos to this day and now i have these beautiful new pictures of my family of FOUR(!) to cherish forever too. i mean seriously? my kids are freaking cute... like came-with-the-frame levels of cuteness...
hurray hurray hurray for family pictures! i've been drinking from a Target wine cube while i write this (no! not straight out of the cube, i have a little self respect, although that does sound like fun, but anyways, ahem) i am getting sleepy and running out of things to say beyond just making goo goo sounds at the pictures because i love them so much. goodnight.



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