the project-per-month PROJECT month 1

I meant to start this "series" (yep, a monthly series, at least that's the intention!) yesterday but it's funny (but sooooo not haha-funny) how a yowling baby -- what is this SOUND? why is this SOUND? go away SOUND! -- will lead to a mama's sleep deprivation which will derail super-fun blog intentions like super super fast. But, even though this whole lack-of-sleep thing has put me off my game I didn't want to wait any longer to launch this thing so here goes, half-baked post and all...
I made a badge and everything! That means I'm legit and you should be too. If you want to join in the fun, you totally should! Here are the rules...
  1. Pick a single, manageable project off your to-do list, just one.
  2. Decide, "I can do it!"
  3. Give yourself goals.
  4. Give yourself a deadline: the end of the month.
  5. Give yourself a budget.
  6. Do it. Do it.
The project I'm doing this month is the lowest man on my totem pole, because I wanted to ease into this thing. So, I'm taking on the mantel in my living room. Here's the "before" shot:
My goals for this mantel are:
- clean (no clutter, no junk piles)
- include a plant (with a long term goal of helping that plant to live a long, lovely life)
- print up some pictures of Loretta since she lives here too
- $50 budget

I don't have a lot of inspiration at this point, but here is my inspiration so far:

Yes that is a photo of a sink that I'm using for inspiration. I love the bright white and blue and the visible dirt and the beautiful colors in the cacti assembly. Cacti garden photo via. Found via Pinterest.

So... I challenge you to join in this project! If you do, please let me know in the comments and link to wherever I can find progress on your project. As my mantel project progresses I'll keep updating here on Ot and Et and at the end of the month will post an "after" photo and if anyone joined in I'll announce a winner as well and that person can win a $20 gift card to Target or Amazon. Hurray!

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