a loud afternoon with q and not u {mom in the picture}

I am never comfortable taking or seeing pictures of myself. Words like, "ugh! vom! garbage!," usually come out of my mouth when I see pics of me and honestly, raising a daughter and just being a woman, that is sad. But it's true. Sometimes I think a few of my favorite bloggers ARE my favorite bloggers in part because they are SO COMFORTABLE taking pictures of themselves and I look at them and think, "see there, it's nbd, your kids will want you in the pictures, don't be so weird about this." But then I am weird about this. So without further ado just know that I'm a little weird about these pictures that follow, but I tried. I tried! And if I didn't let you in on my inner turmoil and awkwardness, you might even think I was comfortable being in these pics. So that's a step or something, maybe?

Yesterday afternoon I had three entire hours at my house, all by myself. I turned up the Pandora so loud you guys. I swear I felt fifteen years younger just listening to music that loud. Remember Soft Pyramids? Repeat one more time again! Nih nih nih! All the while I casually went from room to room cleaning and picking up and secreting things away for donation. Spring! Then I threw a blanket in the back yard and read for a bit. I don't think anyone's ever made the most of three hours in their lives --> four cups of coffee. And dish washing while dancing. It was a one lady party and a mighty nice one.

 Best. Three. Hours. Period.

My adorable wedge sandals c/o Naturalizer and they are so comfy. I have been waiting impatiently to wear them for several cold, rainy weeks and huzzaw for clear skies, lovely sunshine, and red toes!

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