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Currently is a weekly link-up with the lovely  Randalin of Harvesting Kale and I am her happy co-host each week. I hope that you can participate by writing your own Currently post (using the provided themes or your own) and please join us by linking up. What have you been loving, craving, missing, listening, wishing this week? Over here, we have been...

Loving ice cream and oscillating fans. Our 101 year old house is not the coolest during a heat wave, especially the upstairs, and this week Eugene had record breaking highs which meant lots of trips to Prince Pucklers and lots of sleeping in underoos with the blankets kicked to the floor. I love that we can walk for homemade ice cream from a real little shoppe. It's one of my favorite things about our neighborhood. Loretta is just like, "shut up and give me the cold stuff."

Craving a four day weekend and then bam! Here it is. I suspect this week will have a small number of linkups due to Canada Day and the 4th of July and hope you are all having safe and lovely holidays this week! I am also craving mashed potatoes which is stupid.

Missing my good hair and side-eyeing my current hair. During pregnancy with Otto my hair got thicker and curlier and I started taking for granted that I just had thick, curly hair and that was that. I think the thick/curly-ness peaked while I was pregnant with Etta (I was so pregnant with her!). Then after she was born I lost my mind and cut it all off with a steak knife, Joan of Arc style (not really) and now it's growing out again but seems really dull and thinner and just kind of meh. Maybe I need a haircut? I bought a box of color to darken it up a bit. I'm impatient and just want it long again! And that is the incredibly short and interesting story of me, missing my good hair. The end.

Listening to Otto make me laugh and to Loretta say "hat!" and "hi!" and blow kisses.

Wishing this long weekend will be filled with tidying up the house, eating picnic foods, gardening, playing in the yard, and ice cold beers.

That was this week. Here are next week's themes: 
trying, wearing, choosing, laughing, tasting


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