little magical sea creatures

On Saturday we finally made it to the coast, a short and windy 2 hour trip from home. 1/2 dramamine seemed to keep Otto's motion sickness at bay for the drive and by the time we ate lunch at our go-to cafe and found our favorite beach, he wasn't even a little bit sleepy anymore. Loretta wasn't too sure about the wind, the sand, or the sandy wind. She camped out on the blanket for most of the afternoon with Rob or I keeping her company. Towards the end Rob just plopped her in the sand and she decided it was good after all, good enough to eat! Ugh, that girl is a funny one. She really is. I can't believe she is nearly 1 1/2 and Otto is 4 1/2 already. What a great time in our lives we are at with these two little magical animals!

And can I just say that taking pictures at the beach becomes a thing of fear when you have a "real" camera. Sand. Sand! Everywhere! My poor old heart was in a tizzy the whole time, wrapping the camera in baby pants and tucking it deep in the beach bag between any pics. I don't know how we ended up with any photos at all. Thank goodness we did, though. What a pretty, perfect day with the ones I love.

ps. Etta's sparkly head wrap (pretty much made for a day at the beach with a camera-toting mama) and both kids' shorts are c/o the lovely Stacie Lucas of Duchess & Lion Etsy shop.

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