busy busy

still pregnant...
confession: i'm probably wayyy too tired to be blogging, or doing anything except sleeping or (i wish -->) giving birth, right now. but i realllllly want to stay up to see Lindsay Lohan and Jack White on Saturday Night Live. rob was like, "ummm, why is that???" and i couldn't really explain it except that for whatever reason i'm still fascinated with Ms. Lohan after all these years. and Jack White? well, he's like the creepiest guy i'd ever make out with. he's so rad. whatever.

did i mention: still pregnant. due in 10 days! but so over being pregnant. dear Loretta, feel free to make your appearance any time, for reals. mama doesn't love her kankles. mama wants to meet you!
wearing: sweater (thrifted), dress as shirt (Meghan LA thrifted from Buffalo Exchange), jeans (motherhood), shoes (thrifted). oh, i'm linking up with Mandy's blog today for steppin' out saturday and hoping this is the last time i step out maternity style!

today was so busy busy! we went on a mondo shoe hunt for Otto. his feet, and the rest of him, have been growing like mad lately. i tried a St. Vincent De Paul boutique thrift store that's been calling my name for a while now. it was really awesome and i can't wait to go shopping for myself there when i'm wearing normal clothes again. it seems to be the store where they funnel all of their antiques and vintage clothes! a treasure trove! alas, no kids shoes that cut the mustard. so... then onto a fahncy pants shoe store that had really awesome kid shoes (Keen, do we know this brand? i didn't til today. now super in love) but they were $50. $50! i couldn't bring myself to do it, even though the shoes were super cute. so... then onto TJ Maxx which totally disappointed me by not having kids shoes except flip flops. Lame! so... then onto Ross where we SCORED ::spins around and does michael jackson pose and makes falsetto noises:: these sneaks for $12 (by simple, originally $45). l o v e.
then to Target to gift shop for a birthday party. then to said birthday party at a kids gym. i had this moment of utter appreciation for this stage in Otto's life at the gym. he worked so hard to climb this wall.
the first time it took him like five real minutes and a lot of struggle and when he got to the top he looked for me and when he caught my eye his face just LIT UP with such pride. he shimmied down the wall and ran over to me and gave me a huge high five. then, went back to the wall and climbed it at least ten more times. each time he got faster and each time he would run over to me for a high five. so proud of himself! and i realized that sometime soon, maybe in 3 or so years (i have no idea) finding his mom and sharing a high five would be the last thing on his mind. but today, i was totally in it with him and it was awesome.
after the party we went home for about five minutes and then were off to a dinner. i recently gave up antiperspirant in favor of non-aluminum deoderant (if you're curious why, you should read this infographic that scared the crap out of me) anyways the experiment so far has been fine. i'm sweaty, but not stinky, using Tom's and have big plans to buy Lavanila when i can scrounge together $18. anyways, though, by the time we were heading to dinner i was sweaty betty, so changed from the cardi into this oversized sweater tee. for being a huge moose, i thought it kind of looked nice together mixing the patterns and colors...
sorry for the womp womp face, i swear i'm not forlorn. anyways, when we got home i then headed straight to the refridgerator for this magic.
a friend saw my previous blog post about jonesing for almond bark and made (made!) us a batch of dark chocolate salted caramel almond bark plus brought an avocado. me = dead and = more kankley than ever and i don't even care. it. is. amazing. (thank you emmeline!)

what a busy busy day. maybe one of my last pure days of just running errands and doing things with my sweet boy mano-a-mano. i know that sounds bittersweet and it kind of is. i am so excited for this little girl to join our home but it's been just me and Ot for 3 years now. at least on the weekends when rob is busy with homework pretty often. i have loved so many minutes, hours, and days with my sweet little boy and it is bittersweet to know that that's about to change as we all make room in our house and hearts for baby girl.
we're so badass. i love his sock tuck.

one chapter ends, another begins.
xoxo, lindsey

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Jaimie said...

I kno I say it every time, but you guys are too cute! That infographic definitely was something! Interesting... Come on baby Et!! Time to come out!!