a little back to school cutie

Otto's first day of school 2013/2014. The hamming is strong with this one.
Awww, my little guy. This will be his 3rd year attending the Montessori preschool and it is brain boggling how much he's grown as a scholar, a good citizen, a silly goof (so important to grow as a goof!), and just as a human who won't stop growing! Otto is popular with the other kids and with the parents. He's sweet and polite but he's also not afraid to challenge anyone to a game of super ninjas and he WILL be the bad guy, you bet on it! And you watch out cuz he saw a REAL badguy once, getting handcuffed across the street one time, so he KNOWS about bad guy stuff first hand... He loves math, writing, games, and puzzles. He is obsessed with the fact that another boy at school told him he can't play chess against himself. We hear that story like every other day and yes, Otto, yes you can you little amazing awesome person! When it comes to puzzles he still prefers taking on challenges he know he will dominate. As in, he'd rather wow you by speed-putting together a 24 piece puzzle versus challenging himself with a 100 piece one. But that's cool, I get it, I do. I'm kinda that way too. He loves being the oldest kid in his class this year. He started out as the youngest, being mentored by the older kids in the 2 1/2 - 5 year old classroom. This year he is basically a "senior" and loves to show the littler kids the ropes. He has a heart of gold, a wild imagination, he's smart as a whip, and I just love this wonderful little guy who is going to rock preschool this year. My super star.

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