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Currently is a weekly link-up with  Randalin of Harvesting Kale ♥ and I am her happy co-host each week. I hope that you can participate by writing your own Currently post (using our themes or your own) and please join us by linking up. What have you been leading, following, sipping, thinking, smiling this week? Over here, we have been...

Leading myself to New York City (and back again) last weekend to visit dear friends, chit chat, ok, let's be honest, GOSSIP, eat all the things, I mean like meatloaf it UP, karaoke like a rockstar! so many songs, shop at H&M without makeup, before breakfast, because I slept til 10am people! And finish that all off with a dessert known as crack-pie (it's like a cookie, in a pie, in your face) and a big fat Vogue I read cover-to-cover while napping, napping! on a plane. Whirlwind dream weekend, you have recharged my life and my sad little Eugene wardrobe, and Etta's wardrobe too. Forever and ever, amen.

Following myself home again home again to a couple of munchkins and a sport of a husband who I missed like crazy. Let me tell you, when I got back super-late Monday night Etta gave me a loud, grumbly earful. I thought she'd be all cuddles and smiles but lady friend had a bone to pick.  

Sipping hot coffee and peppermint tea. Not at the same time. Fall, I love you.

Thinking about what kind of snacks I can make for Rob and I to watch the series finale of Breaking Bad this weekend... What looks like blue crystal meth and tastes like a potato chip?

Smiling at Loretta and Otto, as they grow and change, it's just amazing to behold their individuality and how they interact and have become such great friends. We have the makings of a very dangerous team of stinkers on our hands. Otto is so freaking imaginative, analytical, and just charming. Loretta is a fearless boundary-pusher and at the same time, just delightful. When she smiles, I smile. If they ever put their powers together, Rob and I will be doomed.  
That was this week. Here are next week's themes: 
learning, growing, buying, loving, wishing 


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