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This week's themes: watching, wearing, wanting, waiting, winning

Dudettes, we are on vacation! That's pretty much unheard of so yeah, kinda freaking out in a good way. I'm so happy to report that we're currently spending time Watching our kiddos best friend it UP with their cousins. There is nothing like it. There is nothing like being the grownups in this kind of scenario either. Drinking beers, barbecuing, sunshine, and 5 happy kiddos all aged 5 and under running around like little crazy animals. It's awesome.   

Hmmm, while we're in Cali I am Wearing the most unimpressive beach wardrobe that ever was or will be. I don't look like a dog or anything, but we aren't currently in a time or money situation where investing in vacation clothes was going to be an option. Luckily my style is pretty messy to begin with so I'm feeling all right except UGH I wish I'd remembered to deal with my (non-existent) pedicure before we left. Fugly toes, wah.

Loretta has been Wanting to skip naps and never sleep because sleep is for losers, didn't you know? When you sleep you miss out on the LIFE PARTY that is happening with Nanas and Papas and aunts, uncles, cousins when you are on vacation so let's never take naps or sleep again!

I guess we are, as a family, kind of existentially Waiting for the time in our lives when doing things like this becomes the norm. Rob'll have his degree in two short years and then we'll have two incomes, likely be living someplace new, the kids will be older, it'll just be more settled, and more manageable to do standard things like take summer vacations or whatever. I'm ready for it. I feel too old to be as financially upside down as we've been the last few years. Patience, I know. But just ::taps watch for two years then breathes sigh of relief in 2016::

As far as I'm concerned Summer is Winning the other seasons, hands down. Something about sun on your shoulders and eating outside and slightly freer schedules and life just feels better. Anyone else doing fun summer vacations this month? It's so good for the soul.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
learning, making, loving, reading, smelling 

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