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This week's themes: hearing, hinting, hunting, hankering, hoping

So, I don't know what you've been Hearing but I hear couch parties and letting your kids watch old Scooby Doo movies is the new black. At least yesterday it was. Poor Otto had his first ever earache and I had to pick him up early from school. He went to bed feeling superfine (actually thrilled because after Loretta went to bed I let him watch the Batman Lego movie too - dude was living LARGE) so but anyways who knows what's going on with him. The doctor's office said to keep an eye on it and give him ibuprofen. We live in the pollen allergy hot spot of the US, so it could be that he's allergic to breathing right now. Fingers crossed he wakes up on top of the world.  

Speaking of feeling overwhelmed, I am officially Hinting to the Universe to throw me a bone already. This week has been a-plenty to handle already without an earache thrown in the mix. Dammit. Why not throw a box of cupcakes in the mix? I'd so rather be all, "oh a box of  cupcakes I wasn't expecting to deal with during this crazy week, I guess I'll figure it out!"

Lately, Loretta has been Hunting for exactly the doll/toy she wants to play with and everyone around her can go to hell til she finds it. This is cool, because it's cool that she's got interests and cares so stinking much. But also uncool, because she puts her toys in inexplicable places and then no one can find what she's looking for and she screams things like, "BAWBREE ARRGGGHHHH!" when she wants a very specific one of six Strawberry Shortcake babies and then it's like insta-panic in the house and what the heck is she yelling? And for every time you hold up the wrong toy to her and say, "This one?" you further enrage her, "NO NO NO NO BAWBREE ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!".


We've all been Hankering for ice cream. Otto has been on an ice cream sundae kick so it's been an ice cream in the yard every day kinda week. Yeah, that works for me.

I've been Hoping this week of solo momming would go quickly and uneventfully. So far it's been great; in some ways really great like for reals Downton Abbey is so good and our picnic dinners in the yard have been lots of fun. Otto has proven himself to be a superkid and great helper and Loretta is a lot easier than I give her credit for... still, I'm pooped. Just really really pooped.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
watching, wearing, wanting, waiting, winning 

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