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This week's themes: saving, closing, loving, despising, throwing

This week I have been Saving the lives of some cucumber sprouts from ninja slugs and feeling like a badass about it except... also there is real terror in my heart that those escargot assholes are going to eat my cucumber sprouts before they grow into cucumber vines and produce thousands (hundreds? many tens?) of cucumbers that I can then learn how to pickle and ultimately become a master pickler and give everyone gift pickles for holidays and people will start begging me for my pickles and I'll be all "you'll have to get in line because I can't even keep up with the pickle demand."

Like a real weirdo, I've been pitching small, sprout-protecting tents homemade out of mesh fabric, sticks, toothpicks, and other supplies to create a safe place in the dirt for the sprouts to grow, get sun and water, and not get their sweet little leaves eaten by sonsabidge slugs. The sprouts were thriving and all was well until last night - it looks like a slug crawled ON the tents and ate some of the leaves through the mesh. WTF slug. The tents have been reinforced and I have a mind to "go slugging" which I hear is putting a headlamp on and crawling around your yard in the dark murdering slugs.

I kind of want to.

And is it gross to tell you that I cut a slug up with scissors this week? ::looks around::

Anywho! This week Loretta has been stripping naked, grabbing a book, and settling down on her potty to go potty. No success yet beyond a mystery poop that was kind of out of the blue last week. This whole reading on the pot thing is cute as heck. Except she has been Closing the bathroom door to do her business. This is not a child who should be alone in a room with a magic-all-the-things-disappearer (aka toilet, aka jingle handle joy machine) and she thinks it's hilarious that if she closes the door we come and open it, every time, again and again and again. Parents are hilarious monkeys! Be potty trained already, girlfriend.

Loretta has also been Loving that we started her in ballet. You guys.

Otto was Despising his poor sweaty neck under that massive pile of head hair he has so we went and got him a compromise haircut. The compromise is that he wants long hair and we don't want his summer eczema to go off the rails. So it's a little shorter and shaved underneath, but still longish. He kind of looks like Ted Theodore Logan meets Kurt Cobain meets a really sweet little french girl. It's cute.

In addition to Throwing Loretta into ballet class (too much of a stretch? I'm going with it) we're also throwing both kids into swim lessons starting next month and throwing Otto into martial arts classes next week. I'm throwing myself a party for getting all of these arrangements coordinated and figuring out schedules and budgets and all the details and crap that were so overwhelming it seriously took me over a month to get around to getting it all together. ::throws confetti::

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
watching, searching, missing, growing, ignoring 

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