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This week's themes: watching, searching, missing, growing, ignoring

This week I have been Watching Under the Dome, Loretta pooping and peeing IN THE TOILET, and Otto starting Tiny Tigers martial arts classes. I don't know which one gives me more joy. I get to eat jalapeno poppers and let the roller coaster of stupidity adventure wash over me on our weekly date night in with UTD but the other two legit made me cry. I kind of cried with frustration because poop... everywhere in Loretta's situation (we've also done loads of stomp-the-yard happy dances for little miss, she's so proud!) but the karate crying was just idk, happy pride or something purely mommish.

I'm currently Searching for a spectacular power boost. Where is it? I have a big project in my mind, like a life-direction-changing idea that I want to pursue and at the same time it's like I barely have energy to stay awake past the kids' bedtime each night so I'm just looking for that golden moment of energy where I can stay up late, lay down plans, and kick this thing off. Part of me wonders if the sudden chronic fatigue isn't me avoiding taking a risk. But I honestly think it's more that my energy's drained from a stupid-busy schedule, warm weather, angsty small fry chaos'ing up each day, poop... everywhere, and  also avoiding taking a risk :)

We haven't been Missing much. Summers are great for spending time together, outside, with our pupils nicely contracted by sunshine, and our poor white Oregon skin getting warmed by the sun. In Summer! We may be missing super well-rounded meals since eating all meals on the blanket out back is a big priority these days.

Otto has been Growing more and more impatient with his sister's antics. She juggernauts her way through life in a way that he can't relate to and she wrecks his stuff, which isn't fair. I so get it, little dude. But it's also cool for me as his mom to see how he copes, because when she goes nutso, Otto is old enough to give us a side-eye and laugh. And he also has a natural instinct to lead by example and be a patient teacher to her, at least when wrecking his stuff isn't involved. He makes me very proud.

In the spirit of enjoying life, loving yourself, getting over yourself, and all that business, this weekend I was Ignoring that I don't look like a 22 year old Victoria's Secret super model and did this thing I've only recently found myself doing. I wore shorts in public. And it was fine. No one looked at me and threw up. One little peanut did photobomb a "we love cutoffs and homely shoes!" picture taking moment for me and Ot though. Ha.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
needing, listening, learning, jumping, building 

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