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This week's themes: falling, wearing, making, smiling, learning

Yesterday Otto's teeth started Falling out. He gave us no grace period to cope with this emotionally or formulate a Tooth Fairy plan. At 4:45 he announced a loose tooth. We had dinner, went to Taekwondo, came home, and at bedtime he brushed that tiny little baby tooth right out of its socket. Less than three hours for the whole adventure. He announced, "In Japan, when you lose a tooth you get two dollars and a baseball!" On the fly I suggested that there are quite a few tooth fairies, each assigned to different houses, and so we'd have to see what kinds of things our tooth fairy would bring. So, we decided the going rate for teeth at our house would be two bucks, but no baseball. Is that pretty on par with the norm?

Loretta has been going to school for a week now and Wearing underpants all day while she's there. I'm so proud of my girl for adapting to her new schedule so well, we hear she's very social and just "a doll" to have in class. Also, only 1 accident in 2 days! That's pretty amazing considering her potty training didn't really take off until August.

I have been Making plans for a beautifully dull weekend and cannot wait for it. Football on tv on Saturday. The kickoff of PBS' 7 part documentary on the Roosevelts starts Sunday (when I heard about this on NPR I was alone in the car and spontaneously shouted out, "I'm so excited!") Other than that, I will be attempting to not brush my hair or otherwise do anything of value beyond playing with the kids in the yard and drinking coffee.

The whole house is Smiling at Loretta's first joke. The other day when we were saying goodbyes Loretta said to Rob, "Bye, hot dog!" I don't even think she said it on purpose, it probably just kind of came out randomly because she's two and her synapses are all misfiring and growing and she's a weird little human. Anyways, Rob said, "Bye, hot dog?" And Loretta laughed! Then we all laughed! And now she started saying it on purpose and we're all saying, "Bye, hot dog," and "Goodnight, hot dog," and "I love you, hot dog," to each other and the whole house is filled with laughter at Loretta's first joke.

For me, this past week was a really tough one and I found myself Learning that you can only do so much and then you have to rely on others to do their parts. I suppose I'm starting to embrace some leadership roles I find myself in, in my life. It's not my most comfortable position to be in, but I'm learning to get better at it.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
calling, loving, eating, riding, wishing 

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