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This week's themes: loving, craving, demanding, questioning, worrying

Right this minute I am Loving the idea of getting back into a groove. The kids are starting school this week (someone please hand me a pudding cup and hold me, they are so big you guys) and we just came off a many-week bender of events and visitors, including Rob being away for 8 days and me taking the kids on an overnight road trip to Portland. All of it was the best. But also, some of it was stressssssful (Rob being away for a week was pretty stressful. I hardly slept at all, just sat up worrying, ugh). Don't get me wrong, family, friends, road trips, weddings, Rob networking and learning math fancy stuff in foreign countries, sunshine, summer! All good things. But having our schedule blowing in the wind for so many weeks on end has been kind of crazy-making. I don't go with the flow too well. We were like out of fruit. How does that even happen? Mama needs some dull ass weeks and thirty minutes in the bath with a cup of coffee while she meal plans (because THAT is the current fantasy, omg).

Loretta has been Craving fizzy water (sparkling mineral water) and when she drinks it she says, "Oh, mmmm, that's good." Love.

You know you are turning into Crazy Garden Lady when you find yourself Demanding a squirrel, "Get out of here, squirrel!" to the squirrel's face. My tomato plants that I started from seed are officially about a month behind everyone else's. We finally had one good tomato ripen last week. Well one morning just before that I was looking out the back window, admiring my little garden, when I saw a squirrel sitting by my plants with a big, orangey green something in its mouth. In that moment, the part of my brain that exists solely to protect tomatoes went batshit. I flew out of the house in my jammies and the squirrel, shocked, froze in fright. I grabbed a stick and started waving it in his direction yelling, "Get out of here, squirrel!" He bolted past me and ran halfway up a tree, then froze with this big fruit thing in his mouth. Just a few feet away from me, frozen on the tree, we were eye to eye and I realized it was not my tomato (like a weird cucumber, not from my garden) but I was still in a frenzy. I yelled, "Don't eat in my yard, squirrel!" and threw a stick at the tree, not at him but by his feet. He made this crazy throaty sound and like menacingly chittered at me. He looked so weird with that mystery fruit in his mouth, staring me down, chittering, and I swore he was going to leap at me and we were going to have to fight. I was ready to fight a squirrel. But then he was gone, like a rocket the rest of the way up the tree. Off to tell his buddies to stay the eff out of this yard, I hoped. Well, I picked my tomato a few days later and it was amazing. So I am officially a farmer and a scarecrow, bam!

Otto is Questioning everything. All he wants is what he has coming to him. All he wants is his fair share ;) Anyways, he is questioning everything. Can he have ice cream before breakfast? Can he play iPad 24 hours a day? Can he not take a bath? Can he ride his scooter without his helmet? And then the follow-up question, of course. "Awwww, why not?" Good times.

Oh you know me, the day I stop Worrying about everything I can and can't control will be the day I am murdered by a squirrel.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
falling, wearing, making, smiling, learning 

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