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The deal: Use our themes or use your own - just let us know what is 'currently' going on with you! Be sure to stop by and say hello to the other bloggers linking up - especially to my amazing co-host at Harvesting Kale.

This week's themes: calling, loving, eating, riding, wishing

I am going to start by Calling out Mother Nature, of Father Biology, or whatever. OTTO IS NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE HIS TEETH ALL FALLING OUT OF HIS HEAD AT THE SAME TIME. I DO NOT HAVE LOADS OF DOLLARS SITTING AROUND IN MY WALLET FOR THIS AND ALSO IT IS FREAKING ME THE EFF OUT. Go, sit down and figure out how to evolve me like the Electric Grandmother so that coffee comes out of my fingertips and we'll be square. Dismissed.

Loretta has been Loving puzzles, games, and board games. The other night Rob took Otto to Taekwondo and I stayed home with Loretta and we took care of babies the whole time. Nearly an hour of giving babies bottles, feeding them play chicken drumsticks and cans of soup, burping them, laying them down, shaking them awake and yelling, "wake up! wake up!" We were good mothers. And then last night I took Toothless Magoo to Taekwondo and we came home to find Rob and Etta engrossed in a game of Hi Ho Cherry O. Rob said they played it about fifteen times in a row. I remember doing the same thing with Otto not too long ago. Oh my goodness.

This week we were Eating our first pan of green bean casserole of "the season". GBC season, just another reason to remember how much I love fall! Even though I'm scared of winter! But fall! GBC Fall 2014!

I have been Riding my awesome ass Honda Odyssey around town (we are a 1 car family) and it needs an oil change. I'm so excited that this van will be paid off by December 2015 and then we won't have a car payment. The plan is to keep it in great shape so it lasts another five years after that. Therefore, I think this weekend we'll be grabbing an oil change and here's something really awesome about me: I love getting oil changes. I go without the kids, it's like a guaranteed ten minutes of just sitting in the car in peaceful solitude, and the place we go to gives a free carwash and bottomless vaccuum tokens which is like SOUL CLEANSING to just clean the van out. Van vacuuming is so satisfying I have no words for how much I love it.

Lately I have found myself Wishing the next two years would fly by. Rob will get his degree, find gainful employment, and we'll get on with things and not be struggling so much financially and able to put roots down somewhere, finally. But then things like baby milestones and lost teeth happen and I realize I don't want to wish this time away. So I'll switch to wishing for a winning lottery ticket to get caught up in a gust of wind and land at my feet.

That was this week and here are next week's themes:
watching, learning, considering, needing, changing 

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