announcing! the Ot & Et Shop

I am so excited to share with you guys the launch of Ot & Et Shop. It is brand spanking new and only has a tiny initial inventory but more is coming soon.

Ot & Et Shop is a (very) small children's clothing boutique. We partner with small businesses from all around to create one-of-a-kind tops and bottoms for your little ones.

This little shop is my dream come true and I can only hope it will continue to grow and get radder as time goes by - just like the real Ot & Et (my two kiddos, Otto and Loretta).

I love and have always loved charming, unique, well-made clothes. Clothing with heart and a story. When my kids came along, I found inspiration for their closets in vintage, at thrift stores, on Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest, and craft markets. Ot & Et Shop hopes to bring all of that inspiration together in a single place, supporting small artists, providing small batch one-of-a-kind styles that are precious, pitch-perfect, personality plus, comfy, and that spread smiles.

The kickoff line includes worm tanks by Aaron Robert Miller and my dream kids pants, brought to life by Pickee Kids. Coming soon, tees by Handmade Escapade and more.

I couldn't be more excited (or terrified or giddy) after almost 2 years of dreaming, thinking, plotting, and planning, to finally open the "doors" on this little dream.


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