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This week's themes: 
falling, talking, warming, seeing, saying

Last weekend Otto's long, luxurious hair was Falling to the floor. He decided he wanted a haircut. We talked him out of the "Luke Skywalker" because some things you just can't say yes to... no matter how much you want to indulge your children.

Besides the fact that I wanted to cry because suddenly my baby looked fifteen, I also wanted to cry because he spent the entire haircut flirting with his (ok, she was super cute, I can't blame him) hairdresser. They were Talking about Michael Jackson, the Home Alone movies, and dancing, of course. I was a long forgotten piece of cheese standing on the sidelines. After his haircut, he did a little moonwalk for her and she game him some pointers. He needs to pick his feet up more. People always talk about how emotional the first haircut is, but I bet the first haircut where you simply aren't there is worse. I have to tell you, at age six I'm already playing the role of chauffeur :(

This week I have been Warming up whatever we have around and calling it dinner. We're trying to pinch pennies just a bit and we had odds and ends overflowing out of our cupboards so I thought, No big deal, we can figure out a week's worth of meals from what's around. It's been pretty hit or miss. I'm looking forward to a meal plan and shopping list this weekend.

We have all been Seeing Loretta's "saucy edge" relax, at least a little, lately and it's been nice. She always hits this point of raging yellingness right before making a huge leap in some way or another and sure enough after a couple of edgier months she has calmed down right around the same time she's just about nailed using the toilet and saying please and thank you. So that was totally worth it because using the toilet! Someday soon I may rarely touch poop once again, which is my super-preferred rate of poop-touching.

Last night I was playing princess castle with Loretta (aside --> I call them queens but she pretty much ignores that at this point. I'll never stop though. I'll be that little voice in her ear, planting the seeds of aspiring to ultimate female power status). Anyways, I was taking a very important break to get my freak on with the Keurig. I overheard Etta and a little conversation she was enacting between her princess/queens, who were sitting down to a plate of cookies. One was Saying to the other, "Are you kidding me?!?! That's not healthy." I had to laugh. One of those princess/queens sounds an awful lot like this mama, haha.

That was this week & here are next week's theme's:
pushing, enjoying, missing, reading, cooking 

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