our first photo shoot for Ot & Et Shop!

It's funny that as a marketing professional I'm so nervous to market this new business. Part of it is that I'm starting out so small and kind of trying to stay small for a while. Another part is just how close to my heart this whole thing is. I don't want to let this shop down, because it means so much to me and feels so personal. Suddenly I'm shy, who'da thunk?

I am excited to share some images from a little photo shoot we did this past weekend. I wanted to get shots of the kids IN the clothes up on the home page and in some of the descriptions. These shots are making me realize that my set up of taking shots of the tees and pants on my plywood background isn't going to cut it. Natural light is so much better and it's also impossible to capture in my little home studio (darn you Oregon & roofs with overhangs). Thinking cap engaged.

Finally, we just added 3 new tees to the inventory. Pluto is not a planet by Handmade Escapade (aka Katy McKinley). I LOVE THESE TEES! You can read more about Katy's life as a mama, a maker, and a West Virginian at her Wild & Wanderful blog here which also links to her super rad Etsy shop.

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