HandMade by Cole Custom Knit Ball for Littles - Review & Discount!

HandMade by Cole

A couple weeks ago TidbitsParenting hosted our first giveaway (!!! it has since ended but I'm still all keyed up about it !!!) with a generous and freaking cuuuute donation of a custom, handknit ball toy from the freaking coooool Etsy shop HandMade by Cole. I was also given the opportunity to custom order a complimentary toddler ball for Otto in order to do this review, yay! You can custom pick your colors with each order. I chose dark teal, light teal, & yellow.

The HandMade by Cole Etsy shop has a unique aesthetic that is on the hipster side of shabby chic, totally stylish, and geared for mamas and babies. Items include:

- Baby slings
- Nursing covers
- Knit baby booties
- Knit hats for kiddos
- Coupon wallets
- And these cool little custom toddler balls (like you see in the pics)

The Review

It's pretty easy to see from the pics that Otto is loving his one-of-a-kind knit ball! One of our favorite things about this ball is its size and softness. Both attributes make it very easy for Otto to catch and hang onto! The ball maintains its round shape for rolling games but squishes up nicely for wee hands to tote it around.

Catching is one of those skills adults pretty much take for granted (or at least I speak for myself). But the joy that spreads across Otto's face when he tries and succeeds at catching anything really makes my heart sing. Unlike some of his other toys, Otto can totally catch this knit ball and when he does it is a happy thing indeed.

Another notable: the ball is much bigger than I'd pictured in my mind and is very, very cute.

The Discount

 HandMade by Cole is offering a 10% discount on any order. Just mention "TidbitsParenting 10% discount" in a comment with your order and you will be refunded 10% of the total via PayPal.

I want to thank HandMade by Cole for including us in this awesome giveaway, review, and discount promotion! The opinions expressed here are 100% my own.


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